Chapter 29 Part 1

He ran away.

Zhu Yushen parked his car on an unmanned street, leaning on the back of his chair, his eyes fell on the protective talisman hanging on the rearview mirror.

In the second year of their marriage, Lin Meng get this protective talisman when she went to pray for Buddha.

It was Lin Meng’s rare superstition. She said that she hoped that this protective talisman would protect him from safe entry and exit.

Lin Meng personally hung this protective talisman on the rearview mirror. Zhu Yushen has successively changed dozens of cars over the years, the price was higher than once. Except for the one who sat on it, the only one that remained unchanged was this protective talisman.

He just stood downstairs and looked at the picture in a daze. Letting the sour taste in his heart rushed into his throat, the whole heart seemed to be soaked in vinegar barrels.

Then Lin Meng came to him and said: “Let’s have a talk?”

Zhu Yushen suppressed the urge to go and silently talked to Lin Meng while standing by the car.

There was a lengthy silence, and it was Lin Meng who spoke first.

“We haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

Lin Meng had no intention of greeting, she just looked at the man in front of her: “I used to be waiting for you at home, but now we are busy with each other. But the result is the same, we often don’t reach each other.”

Zhu Yushen was suddenly nervous: “I’m fine, I can wait for you.”

He was a little restless, but in front of Lin Meng, he subconsciously hid this emotion.

“Zhu Yushen. In fact, our marriage was strangely boring, right?” Lin Meng looked up at him, her eyes calm like a windless lake.

“No, I feel very good.” Zhu Yushen refused to give in.

Lin Meng felt it was meaningless. Looking at this man–she still felt a little sad in her heart, and even subconsciously wanted to care about him. She wanted to ask him if he had a good rest recently. Did the work go smoothly?

Was it meaningful?

“From falling in love to getting married, what is the difference between your understanding of me and strangers for so many years? What I like, what I hate, what I can eat, what I cannot eat … ”

Lin Meng sighed: “I think …”

“I don’t think so.” He said stubbornly, his eyes filled with complex emotions that Lin Meng could not read at the moment.

Looking at Zhu Yushen like this, Lin Meng didn’t know what to say: “Do you know? I can spend money, I can spend as much as you earn …”

“Then you spend it, and I will earn it again.”

“I don’t mean that. You and the other person can also …”

“No one else. There will be no other people between us.”

Zhu Yushen couldn’t listen anymore, he was silent for a while, and suddenly found a reason: “You just had a gossip today. If you do this, others will surely think it was caused by this incident, which will have a bad impact on you.” He knew it well, but he subconsciously avoided those word.

“I’ve got something to do. I’m leaving first.” No matter how pool this reason was, anyway … he just thought it made sense.

Zhu Yushen could not stay here anymore. After confirming that Lin Meng was keeping a safe distance from the car, he opened the door at the fastest speed in his life and immediately stepped on the accelerator to accelerate away. He fled in a panic.

The cell phone shook twice. Zhu Yushen glanced at the past, which was pushed by Weibo to clarify the afternoon news.

When he saw the name of Yu Yuanxing, he subconsciously pouted. Although if there wasn’t Yu Yuanxing, he could not even find a pool reason to pass it temporarily.


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  1. Yow hubby, I never thought you’re such a sissy. .
    And here am just done reading the latest update for a rose devoted to you. Haaaaa, misunderstanding is really relationship’s greatest wall. Like, how will you even be honest to people who have hurt you?

    1. How can you read a rose dedicated to you. I hate this storiiiii. So frustrating. It’s like in every single chapter, she is losing a part of her brain…. and the end logic desapear…. X(

      1. ;-D It’s nit that bad. She’s nit stupid, she’s just been abused all her life and has a self esteem lower than the submerged tip of an iceberg. And that’s very deep below sea level.

        She has so many misunderstandings with her husband, honestly, if it weren’t for the love she feels for him they wouldn’t stand a chance. Luckily our LinShen couple here is not that bad.

        1. I’m sorry, I’m a bit confused about if you are talking about the story “A Rose Dedicated To You”(Which I haven’t heard of or read, so apologies for the confusion) or this story.

      2. Sometimes, I have to endure to read the story I am craving for and then I regret. It ended in the part where they are finally clearing up their relationship( talking about a rose dedicated to you) so it was a bit frustrating and then I read this chapter so yeah., I am frustrated right now and I’m in need of a fluffy novel to read.

  2. You ran away, it’s ok. At least you managed to convey that you want to stay in the marriage and that you’re not having an affair, not do you plan on having one. It’s a step in the right direction. Now let her sleep on it because she was sure you had fallen already for that scheming hypocritical secretary.

    Thanks for the update.

  3. Honestly, I don’t think he’s doing too much wrong here, he’s just a bit emotionally constipated and she’s too scared to fall in love with him after the amount of neglect he had shown previously. I think he just needs to learn he can’t make relationship problems disappear just by giving Lin Meng money.

  4. I don’t get it, why stay in a relationship that has been dead for many years, why stay with a woman you never made an effort to know, why stay in a marriage when you’re so motivated with your work that you stay out of the house 365 days/year. It will be more logical if the reason he don’t want a divorce is because he don’t want to divide the company.

    1. I think Zhu Yushen is in love, still loves Lin Meng but as someone commented above, he is just emotionally constipated. In fact, I think one of the reasons why he is working hard is to provide for Lin Meng—a manifestation of his love though Lin Meng couldn’t feel it. I mean breadwinners work themselves to death just to provide for their families and I think that’s the case here.

  5. Cada vez me estoy convenciendo de que ese hombre la amaba pero no sabia como amarla y tenía miedo de esos sentimientos por eso el siempre estaba de viaje y pensaba manterla a su lado con dinero pero obviamente se frustra a y el al final encontró un reemplazo de ella que es su secretaria. Ella en esta línea de tiempo no está haciendo lo mismo y se aleja de él lo que hace que él se ponga ansioso porque ella está dejando vacío el castillo que el construyó para ella y al no haber tiempo para darse cuenta de la secretaria que tiene similitud con ella, él no puede dejarla ir

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