Chapter 29 Part 3

“Today, I want to talk to you about the next script. You also know that Yu Xi’s “Please Open The Door” is about to start shooting, and the company’s next project has not yet landed. I want to ask you to write the script. ”

Lin Meng thought about it, and she will return to her original intention this time.

Whether it was teleplay or film, what was the core? Of course it was a story.

Although she could not make a poor project to deceive the audience, it was still possible to make a mediocre project.

Mediocre project was in a dilemma, but the chance of losing money was the biggest.

Zhang Chenghu had the foundation of screenwriter, and no matter how he wrote, he would not write a terrible story. If Lin Meng drew a circle for him and put him in a subject that was not good at, then the 100-point strength can only play 80 points.

Well, perfect!

Of course, Zhang Chenghu would not refute: “President Lin, what direction should our next project go?” He was very good at writing propositional essays.

Zhang Chenghu looked at Lin Meng with respect. If someone outside dared to say something bad about Lin Meng, he could ignore the difference in the fighting strength of the enemy and him, and go directly to fight with people.

Lin Meng not only gave him a chance when he was blocked, so that the teleplay he created could be broadcast on TV, but also allowed him to “stand up” to be a man.

If not supported by President Lin, how could he apologize to Li He when the teleplay was hot; how could he have the power to add the name of Li He to the screenwriter and special thanks list; even President Lin had prepared a commemorative DVD with the entire collection of “Mountains Behind The Mountain” without telling him, and asked all protagonists to sign and entrust him to Li He’s house.

The screenwriter Li He not only forgiven him, but also treated him as a younger generation in his family.

“Zhang, what kind of script are you good at?”

Zhang Chenghu thought for a moment: “I’m better at urban love and family dramas like Mountain Behind The Mountain.”

She got it. Urban drama, out!

“When you modified the script for Huo Hanshan before, what kind of subject matter made you more difficult, and the word of mouth was worse after the modification?” Lin Meng asked again.

“That must be the” Shadow Guest “that Huo Hanshan and I last cooperated with. This should be the worst word of mouth. I don’t know how to design tricks, and I don’t know the history and humane customs of some specific period.”

Well, the goal was found.

Lin Meng pretended to be distressed: “This is a bit embarrassing. In fact, I meant to let you write a spy drama of the Republic.

Zhang Chenghu embarrassed and said: “I used to write a drama about the Republic with an urban shell. And … I really don’t have enough IQ. If I really write it, there may be an embarrassing plot similar pulling out a grenade from the crotch. ”

What he said was slightly exaggerated. With his sense of responsibility, the most basic common sense will always be understood.

Lin Meng made a gesture to appease him: “I will tell you my thoughts first. First of all, the Republic of China drama is a type of project that we have not done with True Dream Entertainment. If we always do repetitive projects, then I think it’s quite boring.”

“Originally, I wanted to combine your best areas with the next project. Think about it. Does your good family and love description look more delicate and moving in front of the great righteousness of the country during the Republic of China period? In the battle of war, the individuals in big time are small and great. They are wrapped up by the wave of the times, but they can still pay their own strength. ”

Lin Meng was extraordinarily sincere. The first element of convincing others was to convince herself that she almost… believed.

“I think about it, I still want to give this task to you. The humanity, affection, love evaluation, and unique characteristics of the times in front of the right and wrong, I think only you can manage it well.”

Looking at Lin Meng’s trusted eyes, Zhang Chenghu couldn’t say anything to refuse. He thought for a long time and nodded firmly: “President Lin, I will definitely write this drama well.”

He walked out with a sense of mission, and he has begun to think of ways to retrieve information in his heart. His mind flashed suddenly.

By the way, he has a way!

Lin Meng marked the small account book in her heart with satisfaction. The loss-making project No. 2 was already in place, and she was going to see the project No. 1 now.

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  1. Lin Meng… the reason you don’t lose money is because you have capable staff and you back them up with money.

  2. I just don’t understand how we’ve come this far in the novel, but there is still no “wealthy characters” tag on novel updates.

    Thank you for translating!

    1. When Zhang Chenghu was working for Huo Hanshan, he modified the plot of Li He’s script to make it highlight Huo Hanshen more. As a result the finished product was bad, and Li He was cursed by the netizens really hard and he ended up in the hospital for a really big surgery. Before his surgery he accused Zhang Chenghu of having no integrity as a scriptwriter before collapsing and being taken into the surgery room. He survived the operation, Zhang Chenghu was really impacted and resigned from his job before going to Li He to ask for forgiveness. Li He said that he had to produce the script that he had written(Mountains over Mountain) and when the show became famous, credit him for waking him up. You can check out Ch 16 part 2 if you want to hear about it in a better written way.

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