Chapter 29 Part 4

During this time, a short paragraph has become popular in the circle of fans-

Fan A: “My brother is acting.”
Fan B: “My sister is also acting!”
Fan C: “What a coincidence? My son has gone too!”
(Brother, sister, son, fans’ nicknames for idols based on gender and age.)

As for which teleplay? Of course. “Please Open The Door”.

This was not a fan exaggeration, but it was indeed a real conversation that happened to them. Since the start of “Please Open The Door”, the publicity photos released every once in a while could make them shout “GOD”!

Who would have thought that this drama really became the biggest cake of the year in the entertainment industry? From the film queen who has not acted for a long time because of marriage, to the singing and dancing group from the draft, all publicly announced that they would participate in the filming of this teleplay.

The only protagonist of this teleplay, Yu Yuanxing, suddenly changed from a pitiful before to a highly anticipated male protagonist.

This was simply a sparrow-to-phoenix live-action version.

Some people even secretly posted a microblog on the Internet: “If I can be the main role, even if I was really hidden rules by President Lin, I would enjoy it. President Lin looks so pretty. Even if lost my shirt, I am willing. ”

The efficiency of deleting comments on Weibo was well known.

Yu Yuanxing fans were planning to report together, but they didn’t have time to copy the link, and this post suddenly disappeared. This degree became an inexplicable mystery in the station.

The existence of this teleplay has become a large team building activity in the entertainment industry. Lin Meng inevitably encountered unprecedented challenges in this activity.

“President Lin …” The head of the security team responsible for security work came again. He was sweaty, and the big man, 1.8 meters tall, was filled with pity and helplessness. “They are here again.”

They didn’t need to match the lines, they knew what the other was going to say.

“OK, let’s go.” Lin Meng was helpless to go out with the security guard.

The shooting location of “Please Open The Door” was set in the film and television city. The team formed by Lin Meng took several roles and also had its own decoration function.

Before changing scenes every time, this place could be arranged completely differently from last time.

This was not to save costs. It was just that there were too many scenes involved in this script. If they changed a place during a shooting session, the equipment alone would be troublesome.

It was due to being settled in the film and television city, and this time with so many celebrities joining, it also brought sweet troubles to the crew.

Just outside the surrounded scene, Lin Meng saw a group of young girls. They were standing there chatting, and there were several boys standing near the corner, obviously not getting into the topic.

“President Lin. You came to see us.” There was a little girl holding a camera bigger than her head. When she saw Lin Meng appearing, she waved excitedly.

Lin Meng walked in front of them and said with some helplessness: “Did we not reach an agreement yesterday? Let you go back, you can rest assured that the crew will put sidelights out for you to watch.”

The group of people who appeared at the door were all fans of actors who are now filming in the studio. Some were ordinary fans, they just came to see their idol when they were free. And some people in the industry squatted at the door every day just to take a picture of the idol getting out of the car.

It was fortunate that this teleplay had more indoor scenes. When Lin Meng found that the situation was wrong on the first day, she immediately made people install the best sound insulation materials. Even if the fans outside shouted, they would not affect the shooting inside.

As for going in and out, there was a dedicated RV and security personnel escorting to ensure the safety of the actors.

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  1. The problem with Lin Meng is that she’s too professional. Those fans making noise would be agreatyway to disturb the shooting and make her lose money. But because she respects her team and the actors, she makes sure everyone has food working conditions. In the end, whatever they produce is high quality and makes a lot of money.

    Thanks for the update!

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