Chapter 29 Part 5

The problem was yesterday, and a smart fan discovered a loophole in security work. As long as they climbed to the rockery of the costume scene in the northeast corner, and then put the camera on the equipment, they could shoot the studio that was not completely closed.

The rockery was nearly three meters high with the base attached. There were no safety measures around it, and the inside was not necessarily solid. If someone really fell, it was estimated that they would have to lose half their lives.

The security guard was so scared that Lin Meng was notified. Lin Meng immediately asked people to fill in the gaps and called fans to do a safety education.

She even said it directly–If it was found out, which of the actors’ fans had something wrong, they would delete all scenes of their idols.

Only then was the matter suppressed.

Unexpectedly, the fans who went home yesterday and came back again today.

“We will go back in two days!” The courageous girl has been talking to Lin Meng, “President Lin, you are so beautiful. Have you received the support gift from our support club?”

This was another problem.

Domestic Fan Support Association had a habit. When the idol was filming or participating in a show somewhere, Fan Support Association would make a support project based on the amount of funds raised. The problem was that there were too many actors in the crew this time, and the food sent by the fans had piled up.

Not only that, there was a comparison between fans and fans. If you gave five thousand yuan gifts, then I would have to give six thousand yuan; even if we bought the same five thousand yuan, then we had to compare who gave the gift more thoughtful and meaningful.

“Don’t we have issued an announcement saying you should stop giving gifts?”

“But … but we are afraid that the staff will be hungry! Think of them as a regard.”

Lin Meng looked at her with a smile: “Do you think the food, desserts and drinks I prepared for them will be worse than those prepared by Fan club? Rest assured, don’t let our security captain get tired.”

She found the captain of the security force to let him carry two boxes of water out later, and then set up a parasol and hung a curtain to prevent the wind.

This was also the first time her producer’s career met a test from fans, and it was quite novel.

Lin Meng told them a few more words, asking them to go home early. She was ready to go back and continue the supervision.

Director Cheng Aiming had so many “powerful actors”. Recently, he walked with wind and pursued more and more details. She estimated that if she would stay outside for a while, and there would be tears in the actors.

As Lin Meng turned around, the fans behind could not help but discuss her.

“I have admired it. President Lin is not only richer than me, looks better than me, but also gentler than me.”

“Look at the long legs, do you know that President Lin has career fans? Two days ago, I also saw someone on Weibo opening a station for President Lin! But I don’t know why, it was banned within two days. ”

“Maybe President Lin doesn’t like people taking pictures of her every day? It’s normal for her to be so low-key.”

“Thank goodness, thank President Lin for disliking on my idol.”

Fans first wanted to immediately find the traitor in the crowd and choked her, but they were immediately knocked down by reality.

“Yeah! Fortunately, President Lin is a workaholic. Every day, when everyone is gone, she still work.”

“The crew’s work is much more attractive to President Lin than my idol. I don’t know if I want to be happy or lament that my idol’s appeal is not enough.”

“If President Lin pursues me, I will agree, hee hee.”

Fans were planning to ask who was so daring, and someone suddenly pointed away, and the voice was quite loud——

“A handsome man…uncle got off that car. Is he here for President Lin? “

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  1. I didn’t think fans could go that far! Not only is it annoying but it’s also worrying.

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Please value your lives oh my god just the thought of the a fan losing balance and falling out of the rafters from that height puts me in a cold sweat D: YOU COULD DIE

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