Chapter 29 Part 6

Looking forward with that hand, they saw a car parked at the front of the shooting site. A man in a suit just got off the car and he was talking to Lin Meng. Even at such a long distance, they could vaguely see that the other party should be looking good.

Someone picked up the camera in a hurry and took a picture at a distance.

“Don’t shoot, I recognize him!” The talking fans were very serious. “This is the president of Feng’s Entertainment, is it estimated that he is here to work? I heard that Feng’s Entertainment also participated in a part of the investment this time. This kind of great guy doesn’t like people taking photos randomly. You should delete it as soon as possible. ”

The fan who took the picture put down the camera and she looked at the photo reluctantly.

When the figures of Lin Meng and Feng Yan were about to disappear, a fan suddenly clenched her fists in the direction of Lin Meng’s back. Her eyes closed, and there were words in her mouth.

“What are you doing?”

That fan’s face was serious: “Don’t you know? President Lin is the reincarnation of Koi. Last time I went to the gossip forum to make a wish in her exclusive wish post, the next day I passed the make-up exam. Unfortunately, I just didn’t touch her Hand. ”

“Online forward is enough. Why are you still making a wish in reality?”

“The thing always happens that you really believe in. You don’t understand. It’s the same as passing the wishing pool and knowing that it’s useless and you have to throw a coin.”

After returning home after a long journey, most of them could not go directly to bed and rest. They shouldered the responsibility of sharing the latest photos of idols with fans.

A fan who connected the camera to the computer with a data cable was preparing to pick out a photo with a relatively good angle and started to retouch, and suddenly stopped the mouse.

It was a pity to delete this photo, but it was even more pity not to let people see it.

She thought about it and couldn’t help secretly posting it with an account that she doesn’t normally use.

@Daily prayers for winning the lottery: President X President, tit-for-tat, evenly matched. [Image] [image]

There were not many people following this account. This photo seemed to have a magical power. Although it was blurred, even the face could not be seen, but it still attracted many people forward.

Watching the rising forward count, she was a little surprised that so many people had the same preferences as her. But she refreshed the webpage again, her post actually disappeared.

In her private mailbox, there were two notices, one was a deletion notice, and the other was a letter from a lawyer from Lin Shen company, asking her to forbid the dissemination of this photo.

She looked at this lawyer letter somewhat confused. She obviously didn’t shoot people of Lin Shen company?

“President Zhu, the photo has been deleted, and the original image has been sent to your WeChat.”

“Huh.” Zhu Yushen hung up the phone. He was still in the office, hesitated for a long time, and finally opened WeChat.

When he saw the photo, his hand moved to the right half unconsciously, which happened to completely block Feng Yan with his face exposed.

The long hair of Lin Meng’s shawl in the photo was casually tied, and the shirt sleeves on her body rolled up to the joints, revealing white arms, and she was looking up to talk to people.

After thinking about it, Zhu Yushen began to use the editing functions he rarely used. He enlarged the photos a little bit and treated them carefully. He cut out half of the photos that should not exist, leaving only the half with Lin Meng.

He saved the photo and sighed.

It seemed that even his breath was sour.

Very sour.

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  1. Even though they are married that is low-key creepy. Just ask for a picture like an normal person. Talking can solve so much problems (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ
    Thanks for the chapter

      1. Cannot fully blame Lin Meng. She (at least the original character) had waited her husband for years.. So it wasn’t wrong for her to decide to move on.

        If Zhu Yushen really want to reconcile, he should show his sincerity first and instead of running away like in the previous chapter.

  2. I just realized that his company name (Lin Shen) come from both of their name ( LIN Meng and Zhu YuSHEN )
    Isn’t it)

  3. Hubby is drinking a lot of vinegar. I understand him. He wants to be with his wife but can only watch from afar. Still protecting her in the background. Fighting Yushen! You will get your wife back! (Praying for you)

  4. Their relationship does seem simple but to both of them, it’s not. There are married but coz of the hubby’s busy sched, and Lin Meng’s dream of their *future*, they’ve grown apart. I totally understand where she is coming from. There is always cause and effect to some things. That’s why their relationship is awkward. I’m just looking forward on how Lin Meng will realize that her husband at present is not the same jerk husband she once had.

  5. aiya this emotionally-stunted couple ;_; i binge-read the chapters over these past few days so i’ll just compile all my thoughts so far lol

    some readers are wondering why hubby doesn’t just whip out a grand gesture or fly to where she is working to appeal to her but in my opinion, he’s just respecting her boundaries? all this while as he’s out working, he doesn’t expect or wants her to come seek him out like that so i think he’s just assuming that she wouldn’t want that while she’s working either.

    on the other hand, some may say that wife is too cruel for getting back at her husband for something he hasn’t even done yet (nor seem likely to do at this point since us readers can literally read his mind and his point of view) but i don’t think she’s that malicious beyond wanting to spend all his money away lol,, even in that aspect, very early on she was already a bit moved by the thought of getting to fulfil people’s dreams so her intentions have become more complex than when she started ^^ also from brother feng’s point of view at one time it seems like she’s not the type to be so vengeful either? i think she’s very hurt from what she saw in those dreams and, like she does mention before, just wants to put her mind to something else instead of having to dwell on it. +++ if he can do it, why can’t i do it? if i can understand, why can’t he? is probably what she’s thinking about ‘neglecting’ hubby since she has a valid reason now huhu…

    wen xiaofu, you get lost!

    1. Adding on to that, even if the dream didn’t exist, her husband has been neglecting her for years. I think the dream was the final push she needed to realize how breakable the marriage was.

    1. No I’m with you. I really don’t like these type of people who think that a relationship can be made by just throwing money and 0 dedication. I mean the part where he let her know that he’d be out of the country for work after he has already left the country really pissed me off.

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