Chapter 30 Part 1

“Please Open The Door” treated the actors very well.

From the daily supply of fruits and beverages, to renting the best whole hotel around the city for them, even the few extra actors of the crew couldn’t help but boast a few times in the private chat group .

If someone wanted to be nitpicking, they could always pick out bones from the egg.

“Sister Youzhu, I think we’ll forget …” The little assistant next to her was afraid. “Mr. Feng just came here yesterday. Don’t you think it’s not a good idea if we make a trouble today?”

“Why? I’m too demanding? If this poor crew can’t do it, can’t I use my own money?”

The make-up artist next to her walked over and worked hard, helping her to deliver juice and sorting her clothes: “How can this be demanding? This is a normal demand. You sit down first. I will help you adjust your makeup. Otherwise, you will not look good in front of the camera. ”

Speaking of this, Jin Youzhu was even more upset: “What happened to the makeup artist of the crew. She didn’t know how to avoid weaknesses. I said to her, my eyes must draw eyeliner to be enchanted. She didn’t even let me wear contact lenses. I have never seen a crew like this. ”

Jin Youzhu’s own makeup artist had already started to help her adjust her makeup. The assistant was still entangled: “We really don’t need to talk to Sister He?”

“No, Sister He will pay you or me? Even if Sister He come, you have to listen to me!”

She talked decisively, and her pretty-looking face now seemed a bit mean.

Lin Meng was sitting on the director’s chair next to Cheng Aiming and was performing her daily supervision tasks.

“President Lin, you have too many things to manage, so don’t spend time every day in the crew.” Cheng Aiming glanced over and tried to persuade the “contractor”.

Lin Meng gave him a slanted look and suddenly smiled: “I can go, but I’m afraid that when I leave, our Director Chen scolded the actors and made them cry again. ”

“How could this be?” Cheng Aiming coughed, quite righteously, “I’m just urging them to move forward!”

“That’s the kind, it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right, the last one, another one … well, the first one is the best. That’s let them moving forward?”

As soon as Lin Meng spoke out, Cheng Aiming, who was just about to drink water, almost sprayed.

He wanted to deny it, but this passage … really familiar.

He seemed to have said a few times today and yesterday.

“Director Chen, you can rest assured, I am definitely on your side. I will not set limits on your costs, but we also have to take into account the psychological state of the actors. Perfection and carp are really different. ” Lin Meng was helpless, “I’m not busy these days, I’ll be here with you.”

Cheng Aiming wanted to say again that he had nodded when he saw Lin Meng’s eyes.

He suddenly felt that it was not a good thing for the producer to be too responsible or too irresponsible.

Didn’t he just extend the individuality because there was no cost limit and enough time?

But the producers he met before were tighter! They wished to take away the little money he finally saved.

he did not realize that the members of the props group behind him had quietly taken the cell phone and sent the latest news in the chat group named “Please Open The Door” survival 101 (89)”.

【Alert lifted! Thank you President Lin for saving our life! Today she intends to be a supervisor for another day! 】

[Thank goodness! Yesterday we took a shot 28 times! God knows how much I collapsed at that time. 】

[Are you happy too early? Today there is a little princess’s part … Yesterday’s lesson, are you afraid? 】

As soon as the news came out, everyone in the group was silent. Thinking of drama of the harsh director PK the ‘little princess’, everyone would wish to take a sick leave and disappear at the scene.

[This is the second unit. In the last unit, no matter the film queen or film king, there was no such person, and even the idols from the draft were humble than her. 】

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  1. Thank you for the chapter.

    I agree with everyone saying that Lin Meng is punishing Zhu Yushen for an affair he hasn’t had yet. If she is unhappy with the neglect, they need to talk it over. If she doesn’t want him because she is not the original Lin Meng, she needs to let him go. Rightnow they’re both running from their marriage.

    1. That’s true. But at the same time, she didn’t know in the last timeline when exactly the affair begun. And with the 3rd person already hanging around Zhu Yushen and him not doing anything about it, she would simply assumed that the affair is about to begin or has already begun. Since she’s running out of time and Zhu Yushen is a smart person, talking to him might not bring the best ending for her. In this case, she’s going for self-preservation and no longer cares to save the marriage that she thinks has already collapse..

      1. Actually this is not another timeline. Lin Meng is the original one. She’s just realised that she’s a character in a novel and that according to the story her husband would cheat, divorce and leave her with nothing. But yes, once she found out that he had a new secretary and met her, she assumed it was only a matter of time. And since they already weren’t communicating, she just doesn’t see the need to do it now. However, now that he’s told her that he has nobody but her and wants to stay married, she should pause and reflect on the current situation. And have a good conversation with him about she wants their marriage to be going forward.

        Thanks for the update!

        1. You’re right, she’s the original. And according to chapter 1,

          “According to the plot, as an incomprehensible wife, she should be hysterical with him again and again during the busiest period of her husband, even threatening divorce to push Zhu Yushen to Wen Xiaofu completely.

          After discovering all this, she would double into madness and give Wen Xiaofu a full range of attacks. Zhu Yushen, who was disappointed that she had lost her “last tenderness”, would divorce her indifferently and firmly, and live happily with Wen Xiaofu ever since.”

          In other words, if the novel Lin Meng had been more sensible (which she is now), there would have been no chance for the white lotus to step in (as we are seeing now). This marriage is salvageable, but mutual silent treatment is not the answer.

    2. Allow me to disagree, it’s not punishing an affair he didn’t have, it’s punishing his lack of presence and his lack of comunication by doing the same thing (same thing like being too busy as the ceo of a company to call home or to go back home to see your other half)

      Also when the hubby came to talk, she mentionned that maybe they should divorce (and just after he ran into the car to stop the conversation going in that direction). It’s not like she didn’t want to talk about it.

      1. The whole premise of the series is that she is trying to make him bankrupt before he shacks up with another woman, i.e. punishing him for something she is sure he will do, but that he hasn’t done yet.

        The problem with these “transmigrated into a book” series is that the MC always assumes that the ML must act strictly according to the book, which is not fair to him.

        And he took the initiative to come talk to her, even though he ran later. Now it’s her turn to go find him.

        1. Well she seems kind of fed up with him. While the beginning goal was to bankrupt him it seems she is genuinely finding joy in what she does. When she quit working with him he didnt try to stop her. His gifts became things that she didnt like. He gifted her a car when she had a car accident and has trauma from it. His secretaries buy her gifts like clockwork. He is replacing affection with money and what he was “used” to. As of right now I am barely seeing him showcase his “love” for her. His focus on how she “used to be” which is what attracted him to cheating with his secretary in the previous timeline. Before she used to send him long messages and now their positions have slightly reversed. She seems to be be almost done with him as she is beginning to think about why stay with him to spend the money. The money is from something they both created together and she is probably really hurt being thrown away that easily as she thought. I really enjoy this story as it showcases a somewhat tense marriage that isn’t physically abusive lol

        2. I don’t think it’s punishment at all, nor do I think she’s locking him into a box and expecting him to act a certain way because of a book. Him cheating according to the original story wasn’t some big shock to an otherwise perfect marriage; it was the final nail in the coffin. In the original timeline, she tries hard to restore a dwindling marriage while dealing with gradually emerging suspicions and too little to do. So she ends up hysterically trying to hold onto him, even becoming unlike herself.

          In this timeline, the only thing that’s changed is that her suspicions aren’t just gradually emerging. They’re basically laid out on the table and confirmed (especially after she contacts the secretary in the 1st chapter) when she realizes that all the pieces are in place- including the female secretary who clearly is trying to be a little three.

          Does she really expect him to cheat? Tbh, I don’t think so. But she realizes it’s a real possibility, especially considering the secretary is just like her back in college. As for why I don’t think she expects him to cheat…I think, rather than expecting him to cheat, in the beginning, she’s terrified of the possibility of him cheating and, more importantly, terrified of the person she becomes by making him the center of her world. So she runs away from the idea at first, not contacting him or bringing up divorce because she doesn’t want to face something that is likely to happen. And she uses the excuse of “making him bankrupt” to work out some of the resentment she’s accumulated in the years of a marriage where she’s neglected and taken for granted. Her bringing up divorce was a sign of her character growth, in my opinion; she’s no longer afraid to face the fact that their marriage is just in name and her husband either doesn’t know or doesn’t care about her after so many years. And her husband is no longer the center of her world.

          I say all this to say that her contacting him is never going to be a possibility. because she doesn’t want to maintain this marriage. And she thinks he doesn’t either since she’s basically replaceable to him with all he knows about her. In fact, she WANTS to divorce him and sever ties with a pointless marriage and a desperate future, especially now that she has something she likes to do. Hence why she suddenly starts actively seeking to lose money (she wants to spend enough for him to stop running away and divorce her) for the first time in several chapters.

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