Chapter 30 Part 2

[That’s true. Even the Male protagonist is more humble than her. 】

[Don’t talk, don’t talk, ready to start work. Can a civilian like us compare to a ‘princess’? 】

This problem caused everyone’s heart to sink, and they were speechless immediately.

The Jin Youzhu, who only officially entered the crew last week, just entered the entertainment industry two years ago.

Jin Youzhu was as her name, and she had gold in her life, like pearls and jade. her father was a shareholder of Feng’s Entertainment and her mother was a well-known literary film director in the circle.

From her debut to the present, resources have been uninterrupted. She even dropped off the Spring Festival Gala directly last year, and choir with the traffic idols.

If someone else’s success was in a car, then she flew in the sky by private jet from birth. She had a lot of resources, endorsements received full files, fans called her Princess Jin.

This princess, even in “Please Open The Door”, could not descend to the mortal world. How could the princess be like a mortal?

Yu Yuanxing was already in place when it was time to start shooting. He lost another 5 kg for the teleplay. He looked a little thin, with special makeup on the exposed parts of the body, and he was standing in the studio waiting.

Cheng Aiming couldn’t help but gossip: “President Lin. Will Xiao Yu sign a contract with our company? He really worked hard in acting, and there has been a lot of improvement during this time. ”

Yu Yuanxing and the original company’s dismissal lawsuit have been launched. After the news broke out, everyone knew that he had indeed wasted time in the company these years.

“He didn’t mention it to me.”

The company had one more person or one less person, it didn’t matter to her. Yu Yuanxing seemed to think that he caused too much trouble to Lin Meng. So he never mentioned with Lin Meng that he wanted to sign a contract with True Dream Entertainment. It made Lin Meng feel better about him.

“He used to be a bad performer because his company didn’t train him at all. There are not so many geniuses in the world, aren’t everyone gradually improving? “Cheng Aiming raised the idea of ​​cherishing talent.

“This Xiao Yu, it’s not a loss to sign him.”

Lin Meng nodded: “When their termination lawsuit is almost over, I will let Ning Qi talk to him.” She glanced at the time on her watch. “Why doesn’t Jin Youzhu come out yet?”

She has been dealing with fans for a few days, and has heard about the destructive power of this little princess. She heard that Jin Youzhu was different from other actors.

She has been retake a scene and almost vomited blood at Cheng Aiming.

That’s really a wicked person will be afflicted by a similar personality. Cheng Aiming met good actors, the requirements kept improving, and he couldn’t help shooting one by one.

When he met a bad actor, he had to retake and retake, and the standard plummeted straight down.

Coincidentally, Cheng Aiming had not spoken yet, and Jin Youzhu came with a group of people from afar.

The assistant was holding a big black umbrella that could cover both people, but this umbrella only covered Jin Youzhu alone. The road from the dressing room to the shooting site, where the sun was exposed was only ten meters away.

She was followed by two strong security guards, which was already considered a low profile for Jin Youzhu.

“Sorry, I just felt a little uncomfortable. I was a little delayed.” Jin Youzhu’s mouth was quite sweet, and she apologized as soon as she arrived.

Cheng Aiming had so angry that he lost his temper to her yesterday: “Go in, ready to start.”

The camera team was already ready, and when the two person were in place, the lens was just zoomed in–

“Is there something wrong?” Cheng Aiming hesitated.

Lin Meng’s brows were frowned. She took out the character setting card prepared when she determined the character from the chair, then she confirmed it: “Director Chen, please stop.”

Cheng Aiming trusted Lin Meng very much. He knew that Lin Meng would not interfere too much in his creation. He shouted stop, then looked over in confusion, trying to confirm what happened.

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