Chapter 30 Part 3

“She changed her makeup.” This sentence solved all the doubts in Cheng Aiming’s mind at the moment.

He finally reacted, why he always felt in violation.

Lin Meng knew that Director Chen was not sensitive to the makeup of women. She pointed to the monitor in front of her: “Look, according to our character settings, her makeup should be mainly makeup-free. It must look natural and make the actress look like ordinary people as much as possible. At most, they can only modify the skin color and some unsatisfactory skin conditions. ”

“She now has eyeliners, magnifications, shadows, concealers … how can she be a little ordinary person who has no energy?”

Even the eyeliner was quite scheming, and the lying silkworm has been retouched. Lin Meng did not elaborate, she knew that Cheng Aiming could not understand.

Cheng Aiming immediately became angry. All directors had a desire to control, and he could not bear the actors to change their makeup without permission. This was one of the reasons.

The second reason was the continuity of the plot. Teleplays were usually not shot in the order of the scripts, but instead focused on the plots that occurred in the same place. She changed the makeup of the day, and when the final editing was broadcast, it might become a bug for the audience.

He could teach if her acting was not good, but what was this?

“You go and ask, who is responsible for Jin Youzhu’s makeup, let her come here. Has my words no longer worked? ” He certainly knew who the chief culprit was, but first he had to confirm whether the crew of the crew was against him.

If Lin Meng wasn’t here today, he estimated that he might not be able to find something wrong after the shooting.

The stage manager trot all the way to call out people as the director said.

Jin Youzhu had heard the keywords. She hesitated for a moment and came over with raise her head: “Director Chen, I think I can still comment on my own makeup, right? The previous makeup, I let my assistant took a picture of me, and I think that effect is really not working. ”

“As for me, I didn’t want to trouble the crew, so I asked my mother, and I asked a makeup artist who had worked with her to come over and help me make up the makeup. She has collaborated on several films with excellent results and superb technology. ”

Jin Youzhu specifically mentioned her mother, the senior of director Cheng Aiming, this making Cheng Aiming’s face immediately black.

Oh, it’s amazing! Great director, right? The makeup artist invited by the big director, right? All were great!

The makeup artist came here panting, looking at Jin Youzhu’s face, she was wronged. Just on their way, she had heard the stage manager tell the whole story: “Director Chen, I really didn’t change it. This morning, I applied Miss Jin’s makeup according to the previous makeup.”

She was very wronged and did not dare to exaggerate, for fear of being hated by Jin Youzhu. She couldn’t help saying: “I don’t know what happened to Miss Jin’s makeup.”

Through the testimony of these two people, everyone understood what happened.

“This is my crew.” Cheng Aiming’s face was a little worse.

He began to regret why he had mentioned this big plan. It was true that he was very happy to cooperate with most of the actors, but occasionally encountering a “fantastic flower” has already made his temper almost explode.

“Why don’t I call my mother, then you talk to her? Both my mother and I have read the script. We all think that although this makeup is for the character, it should not overly destroy the character’s image. Why does the girl in this script have to look tired? Director Chen, you may not understand. You just go out and see on the street, the girls are in good condition now. ”

Cheng Aiming swallowed his anger and explained: “This is because she stays up late every day, this all written in the script …”

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  1. Wtf, how is she so arrogant? Does she not realize that other people might have more powerful backgrounds than she does? She’s so dumb and arrogant, I’m happily waiting for her downfall. ^_^

  2. Thank you for the regular updates. Each time i read the title of this story aloud, i cannot help feeling amused! I love this story!

  3. Fire her! Termination fees and cost of recasting and reshooting are a good way to burn money, no?

  4. Oh, kiddo. How old is this girl? I always feel bad for bratty kids who get face-slapped, because usually their sin is just…not having been raised that well lol

    Kids grow and change, it’s what they do! She should get fired for sure but I hope nobody ruins her life the way things sometimes go in these stories.

    I like the new layout!

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