Chapter 30 Part 4

“You can’t look at the problem this way. Now there are more artifacts for stay up late, such as first aid cream, sleep awakening cold compress, and due to physical reasons, some people will not be affected even if they stay up late every day. Of course, if Director Chen thinks that I can’t have my own character idea, then I can do nothing. ”

Jin Youzhu was able to interpret what a bitch was, the superiority in her eyes could make people subconsciously anger.

Seeing Director Chen stop talking, Jin Youzhu was a little smug. She thought she understood the script no worse than others. And, this was only a small protagonist of the unit teleplay, she didn’t need to work hard, as long as she showed beauty from beginning to end. As for ugliness? She didn’t do it anyway.

“I’m sorry.” Lin Meng got up. She was wearing flat shoes today, but she was half a head taller than Jin Youzhu.

Although Lin Meng didn’t wear makeup, but she and Jin Youzhu faced her, her momentum was not inferior.

“This is Director Chen’s crew, and it’s also my crew. I’ve never heard the director of our crew change.” She was clearly smiling, but with a mockery of Jin Youzhu in her eyes. “Maybe I should visit your mother next time. When she is filming, See if she likes our director to guide her outside. ”

Lin Meng pointed at the crew: “In this crew, Director Chen is the only center. It’s true that you have your mother, but Director Chen also has me.”

“If you can’t accept it, please leave immediately. You can rest assured that our crew’s intimate services, including liquidated damages and airfare, will hit your account within 3 hours.” Lin Meng’s arms crossed at her chest, the smile on her face gradually disappeared. She was indeed gentle and good-natured.

But some people were unworthy.

Her temper has become better over the years due to consideration for someone, but to know that when she used to manage people, she did not rely on endure to solve problems.

When she was fighting in the workplace, Jin Youzhu was still in elementary school?

“If you want to stay, immediately change your makeup and work hard. If you don’t want to stay, please leave immediately. Even the most famous actors, if they can’t obey the director’s arrangements, our crew will not welcome them. ”

If it wasn’t for Jin Youzhu has been publicized, and she has been shot in several scenes so far.

If they really wanted to make a temporary substitution, it was not only easy to cause the crew to shut down, but it was also easy to make waves.

Lin Meng knew that Cheng Aiming paid more attention to the teleplay, and she did not want to destroy his efforts. Otherwise, what she just said so much will only be reduced to two simple words: “get out”.

Jin Youzhu took a step back, and she was wronged and angry again. She was of poor height and seemed to have weakened her momentum. She did not want to be weak and tried to argue again: “As actors, can’t we understand the role? Can’t we put forward opinions? Your crew is not professional enough, can’t we say it?”

Lin Meng sat down slowly: “You can’t. I only want to listen to the voice of one person in this crew, it is the voice of Director Chen.”

She was in the power of the crew, if anyone can’t accept it, welcome to leave.

Jin Youzhu stood stunned, silent for a long time, clenching her fists with both hands: “I …”

“Please rest assured that I can let them fax when I cancel the contract without delaying your next job.”

“I didn’t say I want to cancel the contract!” Jin Youzhu’s voice was sharp.

“Then please remove your makeup and don’t delay everyone’s time.”

Jin Youzhu glanced at Lin Meng and she finally admitted it.

She grieved and yelled at the makeup artist with bright eyes next to her: “Come over and help me change my makeup. If you lose everyone’s time, can you afford it? “

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  1. That entitled little brat. You thought that throwing your mother around and pretending to have a better understanding of your character than the director would allow you to walk over people? Still too green. Hopefully you learn from Lin Meng.

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Your tactic mightve worked if you’re not in TD Entertainment. Though President Lin might love to cash out more money to pay for damages, she doesn’t like handing bad people money. Pfftt

  3. Hope she learns a lesson from this! I don’t know why I worried, of course Lin Meng would handle this as coolly classy as always. I like that she treats JYZ like an unprofessional adult rather than a brat throwing a tantrum. The paragon of professionalism in the workplace♡

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