Chapter 30 Part 5

“Miss Jin, please respect the staff of our crew. Your polite tutor should have taught you. Would you like to say ‘please’?”


Jin Youzhu closed her eyes and resisted the anger. She gritted her teeth and said, “Okay, could you please help me change my makeup?”

Then she rushed angrily in front, walking faster and faster, almost becoming a trot.

She walked so fast that she didn’t even hear the staff looked at each other and quietly applauded after she left.

The fine applause was connected together, and there was also the sound of someone applauding.

“President Lin! You are so handsome!” Someone shouted this sentence loudly, and then everyone laughed with joy.

Although Director Chen was a devil, he was just annoying. In the past few days when Jin Youzhu entered the crew, she has offended people.

Director Cheng Aiming returned to his position and gave a thumbs up to Lin Meng: “President Lin, thank you.”

He honestly said that the crew had Fung’s investment, Jin Youzhu had fans, and her mother was still a senior director who had a higher status than him. If Lin Meng just didn’t speak, he might have really compromised.

As long as he could produce the teleplay well, Cheng Aiming could endure this grievance.

But this time, it was the producer who stood in front of him and did not want him to be wronged. Cheng Aiming once again felt that his decision to choose True Dream Entertainment was too wise.

President Lin would have been more perfect if she could avoid such supervision in the future …

On this day, Jin Youzhu’s original three scenes were only finished in two, not only because of the delay in changing makeup, but also to the extent that her acting was unacceptable.

Even Lin Meng didn’t want to speak for her, she surpassed her previous “good results” and set a new record of 37 retakes.

Cheng Aiming didn’t want to delay the time of other crew members, so he decided to end the filming work ahead of time and move the unfinished scene to the next time to make the shoot.

After all, he could not let everyone accompany Jin Youzhu to work overtime for another three or four hours.

“Sister Youzhu, I’ll buy you a cake to eat at night?” The little assistant was afraid of being affected by anger, but she saw that Jin Youzhu had become so angry, she still had the courage to step forward and comfort her.

“I don’t eat, do you want to make me fat to death? Don’t you know how much calories a cake has?” Jin Youzhu was a walking gunpowder barrel, which would explode as soon as it fired.

“I don’t mean that … don’t be unhappy.” The assistant held the cell phone hesitantly, and she was entangled in whether she should call Sister He.

If it was not that Sister He suddenly had a premature birth two days ago and was admitted directly to the hospital, and she did not explain anything, things wouldn’t develop like this. Should she have to apologize to the crew for Sister Youzhu?

“I have nothing to be unhappy.” Jin Youzhu sneered. “Isn’t he deliberately making me retake? Doesn’t he make me look ugly?”

She has determined that Cheng Aiming is deliberately embarrassing her.

It wasn’t just a lens talking to the male protagonist? He has always said that she is not in the right mood, not in the right mood, huh, huh.

“You buy me some food now, I’m hungry.” Jin Youzhu deliberately picked up the food that was not in the hotel. When the assistant’s figure disappeared, she immediately picked up the cell phone and began to call for assistance.

“Dad, I was bullied in the crew today!” Jin Youzhu’s tears fell as soon as she heard the familiar voice on the phone.

She has never suffered such grievances since she was a child, even after entering the entertainment industry.

“… They treated me excessively. I told them that the makeup artist was invited by my mother, but they still said a lot of bad things!”

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  1. I dont think Lin Sheng Corp would be overbearing but.. It’s bets to stop now, princess. You might put your family into ruin.

  2. O, go Jin Youzhu! The more you misbehave, the sweeter it will be when Lin Meng face-slaps you.

    BTW, the very first theme and the most recent one before this one were the best.

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