Chapter 30 Part 6

This phone call was made for a long time, just at the end of the time when the little assistant returned. Jin Youzhu watched her come in and immediately hung up the phone, not afraid that the assistant would know, but was too lazy to talk to her.

The assistant was timid and shrank, not knowing what she was afraid of.

Sometimes Jin Youzhu wanted to roll her eyes when she saw it. When she was a backer, what else did the assistant need to be afraid of? She was okay to dominate in the crew.

Jin Qianyou’s face was extremely bad when he hung up the phone with his daughter. He and his wife looked at each other and could see the anger in each other’s eyes.

“Why do you have to let Zhu Zhu shoot this broken drama?” Lv Daoyan felt distressed when she thought that her daughter had been wronged in a place she couldn’t see.

“I heard people say that True Dream’s recent works have achieved very good results! There are a lot of Feng’s Entertainment actors in the crew. Youzhu’s network is not wide enough, and she can get to know more people when she goes to such a crew. And I think that everyone takes care of each other, Zhu Zhu will not be wronged, I did not expect these people to bully even a child. ”

He didn’t realize that the child in his mouth was twenty-two years old, and she was already an adult.

“Besides, isn’t this teleplay also invested in Feng’s Entertainment? Although the amount of investment is not large … you read this script that time, you also said that the role played by Zhu Zhu is very good now, and you specifically asked me to fight for it. ”

When speaking of this, Lv Daoyan had no reason to blame her husband again, but she was still too angry to think about it: “Lao Jin, you have to back up Youzhu, how can they bully our girl.”

She thought her daughter was perfect.

She didn’t like to be ugly? Normal, which little girl loves ugliness? There was not such a big difference in teleplay between ugliness and beauty. Have they been so rigid?

Her understanding of script was different from that of the director? Youzhu grew up under her influence. Was it bad for actors to think independently?

The director and the producer were not tolerant of fledgling actors. They were not atmospheric at all.

The husband and wife were busy and they had to fight for their daughter’s face.

If they didn’t have the ability, their daughter was wronged and they couldn’t help it. Since they had this ability, it would be too shameful if they could not protect their daughter.

This was not their arrogance and arrogance, but their position in society has been getting higher and higher in recent years, and they have been unable to put themself in another’s place.

They only knew that their baby was injured and wronged, so they must express their anger.

As soon as Cheng Aiming returned to the room, he received a “strange call”, and he was prepared for it.

Lv Daoyan and him were not in a circle before. She asked someone to ask about his phone number. The person told him before giving the phone number to Lv Daoyan.

When the phone was connected, they failed to greet less than three sentences, and Lu Daoyan entered the topic: “Director Chen, our Youzhu is still young. She may offend you in some things. But for this child, she was naturally free-spirited, which we specially cultivated. She has her own persistence and thoughts on acting, I think this should be considered a good thing, how do you think? ”

Cheng Aiming heard this and couldn’t want to hear it anymore. Jin Youzhu was wronged. He still suffocated his anger. Out of respect for the seniors in the director circle, he didn’t want to say anything that was too unpleasant. But now Lu Daoyan really pointed at him, and he could not help being angry.

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    1. She’s the Veruca Salt of this series, when something doesn’t go her way she calls her daddy and mommy to fix it for her. Her parents should have realized what kind of impact their spoiling would have on their daughter.

  1. wah little miss… relying on your parents’ reputation and power is one thing… you also need to borrow their backbone?? why don’t you get your own huhu ^^;

  2. Unsurprisingly, this is 100% the parents’ fault. This is exactly why I try not to blame the kids too much–even so, 22??? Geez girl, grow up.

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