Chapter 30 Part 7

“We are all directors, I think you should understand the truth, I …”

He was planning to continue reasoning. The cell phone next to his face shook. Cheng Aiming glanced, he saw the message from Lin Meng.

[Lin Meng: If Jin Youzhu’s parents call you, don’t accommodate them. 】

[Lin Meng: Just tell me, do you still want to use her. If you don’t want to use her, I will let her go. You are the director, as long as you say your thoughts, I will handle the rest. 】

With Lin Meng’s promise, Cheng Aiming immediately felt confident.

“director Lv, I understand what you mean. Do you think it is wrong for me to discipline Jin Youzhu like this?”

Lv Daoyan reservedly nodded: “Almost, I think as your seniors, I can still give you some advice.”

“Okay. In order to make you and Ms. Jin happy, I made a decision.”

“What decision?”

“Miss Jin is such a talented acting genius, I ’m not worthy to work with her, and the other actors in the crew are also unworthy. I will return her to you as soon as possible. Only under the guidance of director Lv, she can fully develop her talent . Everyone rejoices, is n’t it better? ”

“You–!” Lv Daoyan was angry and anxious.

She didn’t want her daughter to withdraw from the crew. She just, just wanted the other party to take a small step back!

“Oh, director Lv, I just did n’t remember to tell you. The film scores I have shot in the past two years are average, and the total box office is just a few hundred million, which is just more than the box office of half of your work. Sometimes this market is really strange, do not know how to appreciate your talent. ”

Cheng Aiming could still scold even more, but after thinking about it, he wanted to “respect” the other party.

“Okay, I won’t disturb you to rest. Director Lv, good night. Tomorrow we will pack Miss Jin as she is and send her back to you.” Cheng Aiming immediately hung up the phone and pulled the person black.

Hey, after following President Lin, it was cool.

He was notoriously fond of competing with others. But for this big investment, in order to live up to President Lin’s money, he has been patient for several days.

Since President Lin was willing to support him, he was more than enough to be a troll!

Cheng Aiming originally wanted to take a break early. After all, he had to get up at 5 or 6 tomorrow, but he couldn’t sleep now.

He first sent a message to Lin Meng about the specific content of the call, so that she could prepare. Then he immediately got up and prepared to think about the script again and make a new storyboard.

He wanted to show Lv Daoyan what her daughter missed.

Lv Daoyan hung up the phone. She was so angry that she immediately ran to the next door to find her husband: “Lao Jin, do you know what the director said to me?”

“What he said?” Jin Qianyou’s face was also helpless and dazed, “Do you know what the producer said to me?”

“You speak first!”

“The producer said that only the director had the final say …

She said that if Feng’s Entertainment wanted to divest, she would have no problem. Remember to prepare liquidated damages and let the company’s legal department contact her. ”

Once again, it was liquidated damages. When she heard these two words, Lv Daoyan immediately got angry.

“Cheng Aiming said that he can’t let our big Buddha Youzhu down in his small temple, and he will cancel the contract tomorrow and let Youzhu come back.”

Even without participating in this teleplay, Lv Daoyan and her husband could find other resources for their daughter. But now, she was very angry!

“Lao Jin, you call Feng Yan! Ask him how he finds partner and director! Can such partners and directors make good teleplay? They can’t even respect the actors!”

Of course Jin Qianyou was equally unhappy. He called Feng Yan directly in front of his wife.

He had already been a shareholder of Feng Entertainment while Feng Yan’s father was still in the company, and he was also very important in the company.

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