Chapter 30 Part 8

“Hello, Mr. Feng …” Jin Qianyou explained the cause and effect of the incident on the phone, and turned on the speaker so that his wife could hear clearly. “Anyway, we put up the actors, put up the muscle. If they wanted to change actress, at least they should tell you! ”

Feng Yan’s voice was still quite clear through the speaker: “Well, I understand.”

Jin Qianyou was silent for a long while, and he didn’t wait for a reply: “Then? President Feng?”

“You contact the performing arts department tomorrow to let them arrange other resources for Youzhu. I will let someone take the role of Youzhu.” Feng Yan’s voice was calm.

“Well, this is of course good … Wait, President Feng, what do you mean?” Jin Qianyou didn’t respond. He was nodding his head, and suddenly he felt a little wrong.

Feng Yan’s voice was a little confused: “If the role is not suitable, the contract will be terminated. Now that the liquidated damages have been given, what do you want? Change director? Change investors? Lao Jin, it’s Feng’s Entertainment who invested in this project, not you. I think I am the decision maker of the company? ”

“If you have nothing else, I’ll hang up the phone first.” Although saying so, Feng Yan was very decisive.

Listening to the beeping sound, Lv Daoyan hit her husband hard: “You tell me, do you have a status in the company? Feng Yan also disrespects you too!”

Jin Qianyou was also angry, but he continued to turn through the address book: “It’s okay, I’ll ask first, ask anyone who knows Lin Meng of True Dream Entertainment. She didn’t pop out of the stone. Regardless of whether she is a wealthy second generation, or someone else’s investment agent, this money always comes from a source. We found someone to put pressure on her to solve this matter. ”

Jin Qianyou asked a lot of people. When he heard the result, he was a little surprised.

after reading a long list of messages from the husband’s cell phone, Lv Daoyan also hesitated: “How is your relationship with this President Zhu?”

Her husband was a shareholder of Feng’s Entertainment, not a shareholder of Lin Shen company. Although she was angry, she was still a bit brainy and did not intend to let her husband offend people.

If it was impossible to do so, it would remain intact for the time being. As a director with no box office in other’s mouth, she was not unknown in the circle. As long as they were willing to wait, there was always a chance to fight back, just to make Youzhu wronged for a while.

“This President Zhu is very personable, and he is also very polite to others. Do n’t worry, I’ll call him and ask. Their company has an IP that is working with my company to produce peripheral products. I am still qualified to talk to him.”

Jin Qianyou quickly dialed Zhu Yushen’s phone. Although the other party answered the phone a little surprised, the attitude was still very gentle.

He quickly gestured to his wife with his eyes. He felt that he had been busy tonight, and finally he could solve the problem.

Haven’t this been the case in business? Gave each other a face.

How could there be no way to do things?

Jin Qianyou once again talked about the ins and outs of the matter. He looked at the phone and complained: “President Zhu, we have been cooperating happily in the past few years, did you agree? Unexpectedly, this happened because of family members. My wife and I have no idea, we just feel wronged for Youzhu. As her parents, we were angry. ”

“So today you have called to quarrel with my wife?”

Hearing this, the couple looked at each other. They suddenly felt something was wrong, but could not tell what was wrong.

“It’s not quarreling, it’s justified. Your wife may not know that we have been cooperating. We now hope that you can give me a face, and everyone will take a step back. Will we continue to cooperate in the future? ”

“I understand what you mean. President Jin, you mean that if we can’t make concessions, it will be difficult for us to continue to cooperate in the future, right?”

This was a bit difficult to answer. Jin Qianyou thought that he was a businessman who knew how to move forward and backward, and was planning to say something slick: “Of course not …”

“That’s really regrettable, it seems that I will lose a partner in the future. Wait a moment, I will let the company’s legal department confirm the termination clause with you. Thank you for telling me this in advance, let me do ready.”

After speaking, Zhu Yushen also hung up the phone directly.

Was the contract cancelled again?

Jin Qianyou and his wife looked at each other, and they made a doubtful voice in unison. Really?

Did they demand too much? The baby girl they put on the top of their hearts, they didn’t want her to be aggrieved too much in the crew, so why was it wrong?

Youzhu just didn’t want to wear ugly makeup, was it so difficult?

Why was the role gone and the cooperation gone?

Were they crazy, or were all the people they contacted tonight crazy?

The cell phone ringtone of Jin Qianyou rang. Lv Daoyan glanced at it, saw the name of the daughter above, she twitched the sleeve of her husband.

“What should they do? How should they tell Youzhu?”

Jin Qianyou also looked at his wife with a bitter smile. He knew that his daughter would be wronged when she heard the result … He could only help his daughter find more resources to compensate.

Zhu Yushen immediately hung up and immediately sent a message to the legal department. As for whether Jin Qianyou would call again, he did not pay attention.

what was meant by “let him control her”.

First, he was reluctant and did not think Lin Meng would be wrong.

Second … and most important, he couldn’t control her.

Zhu Yushen stood and looked at the window and sighed heavily. Now he was sending himself to Lin Meng, and Lin Meng would not care.

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  1. Zhu Yushen, I’m right there with you. You know your wife. Let her come to you.

    On second thought, no. Go and chase her. Even if you’re afraid of what she’ll say. Pursue her until she knows you’ve only ever loved her. But helping silently in the background might help too. It’ll just take a very long time.

    Thanks for the update!

    1. yes he needs to face what he has doen all these years. and go to couple therapy if they want to continue.

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