Chapter 31 Part 1

The crew had just woke up early in the morning and had not yet begun to prepare for today’s work, they received a co-ordinating shooting plan.

Although the shooting plan was adjusted during the teleplay shooting process, the change was not big. Everyone thought that the play that was delayed by Princess Jin yesterday affected the plan.

They just turned a few pages and looked for a while, but they reached out and rubbed their eyes subconsciously.

Wait, what about Princess Jin’s drama? Not today, not tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.

Why was it all the work arrangements for supporting actors?

Could it be …

Did Princess Jin strike?

The staff felt more and more reasonable…

“It must be Jin Youzhu who was scolded by President Lin yesterday, and was asked to retake so many scenes. She’s uncomfortable in her heart, so she doesn’t want to shoot it!”

“It’s normal for a princess to have princess disease.”

“Does Princess Jin want President Lin to coax her? Vomit!”

They have been in this industry for many years, and they have seen many actors and actresses. They had encountered such things before.

Some grumpy biggie actors, once they encountered something that made them uncomfortable in the crew, the means they could use were all kinds of tricks, pretending to strike, deliberately asking for leave … In short, they must force the parties to apologize in person.

Although Youzhu could not be compared with biggie, she was popular and has a background, and was the daughter of an investor shareholder.

When they thought President Lin went to apologize to Princess Jin, they felt uncomfortable.

President Lin was such a good person. If it was not for Director Chen or for the staff, how could she have a bad relationship with Princess Jin? She had to apologize now.

Lin Meng always felt that something was wrong …

“President Lin, this is the coffee I just brewed, and some small snacks.” The stage manager suddenly appeared, propped up a small table next to her, and put things down above.

“Thank you.” Lin Meng thanked him and began to drink.

Cheng Aiming stretched out, and he leaned over, his eyes becoming more and more wrong: “Wait, President Lin. Is there a big difference between our treatment? ”

He held a disposable paper cup with instant coffee in it, and a coffee mate and two small biscuits on the disposable paper tray next to it.

Lin Meng had a bone china cup that had been wiped clean. On the blue and white porcelain plate next to it, it was specially laid out. Several kinds of small snacks, two of each kind, were placed in full swing.

One was a hard worker who was squatting on the side of the road, and one was a leisurely nobleman drinking afternoon tea.

It seemed that the gap was a bit big.

There was a contrast, and the coffee in this cup was even tastier: “Director Chen, I told you a few times. Do n’t be so critical. You see, the treatment proves everything.”

Cheng Aiming didn’t believe it: “It must be because you are the golden master, so you get the best treatment.” But there still had a little trouble in his heart.

Or in the future … he shouldn’t pursue feeling too much? Anyway, the first few shots were used.

There were so many strange things. For example, lunch that seemed to have doubled the amount of meat, and tea that would be replenished as soon as it was finished. In short, until the end of the day, Cheng Aiming was almost jealous.

At five o’clock in the evening, it was only half an hour before the end of today’s shooting.

The crew who silently served President Lin of “sacrifice oneself” for a day was shocked again.

“Let me introduce to you, this is Song Jiao, who has worked with me and Xiao Yu before. The role of Jin Youzhu will be played by her.” Lin Meng personally picked up the people at the door of the shooting scene.

Song Jiao was the female protagonist of Lin Meng’s first drama “Love You Before Tomorrow”. She was more rebellious than Yu Yuanxing, and she had fallen out with the company long ago, and jumped to Feng’s Entertainment through the matchmaking of people in the circle.

But due to a delay in the lawsuit, she also failed to take advantage of the resources. She started to work hard this year. She was still very far away from the top stars, but she has been regarded as one of the best young actresses in the circle.

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  1. Lol the crews treated her better than Director Chen because they thought that she was forced to apologize to the princess

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