Chapter 31 Part 2

This was Feng’s Entertainment’s arrangement to replace Jin Youzhu’s actor. Lin Meng couldn’t help but marvel at this rare fate when he saw the list.

The crew looked blankly between Song Jiao and Lin Meng.

Of course they knew who was Song Jiao.

The question was why did Princess Jin disappear? Where was the Princess Jin who was still angry yesterday?

Lin Meng: “The shooting plan for the next few days will be sent to everyone after the overall planning. It may take everyone a little bit of harder work during this time, of course, overtime pay will definitely hit everyone’s account on time. ”

When everyone heard the words overtime pay, they were of course cheering. They didn’t have the idea of asking for answers. Too many things in the circle were not suitable for in-depth research, they should learn to shut up when they should shut up.

Anyway, the results have come out now. The Princess Jin who was not reconciled yesterday was now completely out.

They silently looked up at Lin Meng with admiration, who seemed to be wrapped in golden light.

They have seen rich producers, but have never seen such a strong producer.

Apologizing? Nonexistent. If you dared to play tricks with their producers, you must be prepared to be expelled.

Was this a ‘cool’ that can be summarized clearly?!

In short, after this afternoon, they carried Lin Meng and gave her a friendly nickname: “Stronger·Intrepid·Doughty·Lin, which means that no more stronger people than Lin Meng could be found.”

No one dared to call her like this. They always felt that if this nickname was heard by President Lin, it would be them who will face President Lin’s strong next time.

The crew of “Please Open The Door” was very efficient. Song Jiao was taken to makeup and styling as soon as he arrived at the crew. Even the set makeup photos were taken on the day.

Director Cheng Aiming was there all the way, and the more he watched, the more satisfied.

Jin Youzhu looked good, but the temperament in her body was very ungrounded. Even if she was almost casual look, she was not like an ordinary female student at all.

Cheng Aiming, who saw Jin Youzhu’s set makeup photos for the first time, suspected that the previous winning experience on Jin Youzhu’s resume was fake.

Other actors were like what they played, Jin Youzhu played like Jin Youzhu herself.

Cheng Aiming took great pains to make Jin Youzhu closer to his role

Song Jiao was exchanged now. Even if he knew that the acting skills of the other party might not be too good, he felt full of hope for the future.

It was just that Cheng Aiming was a bit worried. He heard from a friend that Lv Daoyan was very vengeful.

All he could do was remind Lin Meng, and then work hard to do his job, striving to make “Please Open The Door” a classic.

As for the others? He could only play it by ear.

At eight o’clock in the evening, when the traffic was high, the news that Song Jiao entered the crew officially spread.

@teleplay “Please Open The Door”: Welcome @actor Song Jiao into the crew. What is in her door?

In the attached photo, Song Jiao was sitting on the bed, and the door next to it opened. Yu Yuanxing looked at the door with a shocked expression.

This post was only released, and the comments below appeared like bombings. “Love You Before Tomorrow” was the most popular web teleplay of the previous year, it has often stayed at the forefront of the rankings on the Deepsea Video website.

At that time, the number of character fans, drama fans, and CP fans derived from this web teleplay was also considerable.

Especially the CP of Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao, it was once the favorite of master editors. Only later there was no follow-up service, and gradually, like other CPs, there was no voice.

@I want to marry Song Jiao: Our Jiaojiao has another new drama! Thank the crew to appreciate her!

@Yuan and Jiao: My … my CP is remarried? Sisters, all got out of the coffin with me. Oh, my youth is back!

@Battle of non-chiefs: Wow,the senior and the younger generation, who were in the same company, now they can perform together again! When you leave the garbage company, you are getting better and better.

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