Chapter 31 Part 3

The joyous rhythm did not last long, and Jin Youzhu’s fans keenly discovered that something was wrong.

@My Princess Jin Youzhu: Wait [picture], are these two character names the same? Did the crew change actress? Yesterday, our Youzhu was still shooting in the crew!

This post heaven-shaking caused a lot of attention.

They turned back and found a set makeup photo from Jin Youzhu. Not only did the characters have the same name, but even the shapes on the two set makeup photos were exactly the same.

Was this the scene of the legendary temporary role change?

Smelling the gossip, netizens were excited to join. They tried to get answers with a professional attitude that was more thorough than the research paper.

After posting Weibo, Xiao Wang has been following the trend of public opinion on the Internet. Seeing the situation was not right, she immediately asked Lin Meng’s opinion.

“President Lin, should we send a notice first? It may not be good if netizens continue to speculate like this.”

Lin Meng shook her head. She clicked on Jin Youzhu’s Weibo homepage and said lightly: “Are all the materials I sent to you previously archived?”

“I saved them.” Xiao Wang nodded. Lin Meng sent her some shooting clips of Jin Youzhu, and there were also quarrel videos shot on the cameras used to shoot sidelights.

“That’s all right. You need to make preparations and edit the Weibo post first. If Jin Youzhu still doesn’t issue a statement, then we will preempt.”

Lin Meng, who already knows the entertainment industry, did not do things as passively as before. As soon as the incident of Jin Youzhu happened, the first thing she did was to start leaving evidence to prevent the other party from wronging them.

Since Feng Yan and Feng’s Entertainment also participated in the investment, she had discussed with Jin Youzhu in the morning.

This statement of termination was issued by Jin Youzhu before night. as for the reason, as long as it was justified for both parties, and it did not involve others.

The time agreed in advance had passed long ago, and Jin Youzhu didn’t mean to post at all, and Lin Meng quietly prepared.

She changed her makeup privately. She said that she had her own understanding of acting skills. In fact, she was very different from the general public opinion and did not listen to the director’s command …

When those contents were sent out, who would suffer more?

At the moment, netizens on the forum were still vigorously discussing this dispute of changing roles. But the more they discussed, the more they found the gossip less interesting.

Common role-changing operations were actors with a backstage and golden master, replacing the previously not well-known actors.

In this teleplay, there was no such possibility!

There were only two investors in “Please Open The Door”, one was True Dream Entertainment and the other was Feng’s Entertainment.

If the problem was with Feng’s Entertainment. Would Jin Youzhu, whose father was a shareholder of Feng’s Entertainment, be the loser?

What if the problem was with True Dream Entertainment? Come on, President Lin was a pretty sister.

President Lin was a pretty sister, everyone in the forum knew it. Did she go to hidden rules for a girl?

If hidden rules really existed, they still thought it was Lin Meng who suffered.

Or else … Yu Yuanxing was the one who was hiding behind the scenes, in order to win resources for his girlfriend?

As soon as this remark came out, Yu Yuanxing’s fans who had been abused by Vajra Heart finally couldn’t help it.

If Yu Yuanxing had such a great ability, would he be so miserable before? If he really had this ability, fans would laugh even in dreams!

After one by one the possibility was eliminated, this doubt became bigger and bigger. They couldn’t understand anyway, how could it suddenly happen that they were changing role.

There were many speculations, but everyone seemed to agree that President Lin must be innocent. After all, she didn’t need to do such a thing.

Jin Youzhu was lying on the bed at home at the moment watching comments from netizens. Of course, she did not forget to issue a statement. She did it on purpose.


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  1. Actually i really enjoy this part about this spoiled princess. She didn’t know when to stop. The face slapping would be satisfying.

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  3. oooh! so thats what it was. I was having an issue reading this as there weren’t any links to go to new chapter other than through nu. im glad this issue was solved <3
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