Chapter 31 Part 4

Jin Youzhu originally thought that this situation of changing actress will definitely cause discussion. Fans would definitely squabble with the crew. After the fans had scolded for several rounds, then she slowly came out and issued a statement.

To her surprise, the direction of public opinion was completely different from what she thought. Netizens were particularly gentle and courteous at the moment, and she couldn’t even find a few call names.

The more she looked, the more she felt wronged. This was the first time she was named “expelled” by the crew. Not only that, the crew who was critical of her was actually found someone who could not compare with her!

How could she be convinced!

Someone knocked on the door outside the room: “Zhuzhu, open the door. Mom has something to tell you.”

Jin Youzhu walked over and opened the door. She didn’t talk to her mother, but fell on the bed sadly.

She obviously didn’t do anything, she only had some requirements for makeup, but she was expelled. Why? bully! This was bullying!

Jin Youzhu’s hands ripped around on the quilt, her voice muffled: “Mom, where is Song Jiao better than me?”

She used her fingers to count: “She has never won a few awards, and she has never acted on a film. At the time, her score on the art examination was quite low, and she almost failed the examination. Unlike me, I was the first, and she looked average…they chose Song Jiao instead of me. Do you think they have no vision? ”

“It’s the crew’s lack of vision.” Lv Daoyan echoed with her daughter, and she was very sad to see her like this. “They don’t choose you, let them regret it!”

This child has never suffered setbacks and grievances, and this time she must have been sad.

Sister He, the agent of Jin Youzhu, just called her for a long time, and explained the pros and cons of the matter to her, so that Lv Daoyan had to cruelly grieve her daughter again.

“Zhuzhu, haven’t you issued a cancellation statement yet?”

As soon as this was said, Jin Youzhu was even more aggrieved. She sat on the bed and looked at her mother, her tears were about to fall: “I won’t send. It’s clearly that they fired me, and I need to find a reason to cheat the fans! When they fired me, why didn’t they think my fans would be sad when they saw it? ”

“Mom knows you are wronged, but this is not the case.”

Lv Daoyan sighed. The President Zhu that her husband contacted last night, really did what he says. He said that it was the end of cooperation, and it ended immediately. Her husband went out to solve it early in the morning and has not returned yet. It seemed that things were not easy to handle.

She carefully analyzed the pros and cons with her daughter: “You continue to do this to make your father embarrassed in the company in the future. After all, you also know that Song Jiao is arranged by the company.”

“Dad is still a shareholder! Poor shareholder!” It was useless!

Lv Daoyan knew her daughter was uncomfortable: “And you also know that your father is really busy with his work recently, he can’t handle this for you. If you don’t issue a statement, and your fans will attack the crew. It’s not good to make things big. ”

“You can rest assured that mom and dad must be on your side. We are now tolerant for a while, we don’t care about them for the time being!”

“But I’m not happy!” Jin Youzhu was very depressed.

Lv Daoyan hugged her daughter and patted her on the back: “You still have mom. Is “Please Open The Door” a good resource? Mom helped you get a female protagonist, and you can enter the crew next week! ”

She approached her daughter carefully and talked to her daughter about the benefits of the new resources.

She used her friendship to find the preject. But her daughter was pretty, and the image was consistent, not everyone was as discreet as the broken crew.

Upon hearing this, Jin Youzhu’s eyes were full of surprises: “Really?”

“Really.” Lv Daoyan nodded with a smile. “So this is called extreme adversity marks the beginning of fortune. Fortunately, they have already terminated the contract with you. Otherwise, we will feel pity at that time. ”

“Then I will send out the cancellation statement as soon as possible!” Jin Youzhu immediately flipped out the draft prepared in the draft box and issued it immediately after checking the typo, she was leaning on her mother. “Mom, you are so good.”

Lv Daoyan just smiled, her eyes deep.

Wasn’t it only a protagonist of a web teleplay unit?

She could give her daughter better.

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