Chapter 31 Part 5

She would keep True Dream Entertainment in her heart. the entertainment world was so small, they better not ask for her in the future. of course, she would give them a big gift regardless of whether they asked or not.

“President Lin, Jin Youzhu just issued an announcement!” Xiao Wang said. She was editing the long Weibo, if public opinion was not good, it would have to be posted directly.

Lin Meng opened Weibo and refreshed the webpage. A minute ago, Jin Youzhu just issued a statement.

The content of the statement was not complicated, but only briefly explained the termination of her contract with the crew.

As for the reason, it was also very official. “The resources that the company has approached before conflicted with the shooting time of the crew, and it was really impossible to coordinate”.

At the end, she mean something else: “After friendly discussions with the crew, we decided to terminate the contract peacefully. Thank you for choosing me before. I regret to miss this opportunity of cooperation. Hope that in the future, “Please Open The Door” will achieve good results that everyone recognizes. ”

“President Lin, then … do we still post?” Xiao Wang asked tangledly.

“Leave it in the draft box, we will not post it for now.”

Whether Jin Youzhu’s words were sour or not, did she really want to cancel the contract, this had nothing to do with her.

As long as Jin Youzhu bowed her head as agreed, she would also like to take things lightly and put things to an end at this moment.

After all, there will be no connection between them.

The shooting time of the crew was longer than expected. this could not be blamed on the high requirements of Cheng Aiming, but the script was rich in content and involved many actors. Time coordination and shooting schedules were both a problem, so it ended later than pre-arranged.

On the day the project ended, it was a sea of ​​tears.

Yu Yuanxing cried particularly hard, tears and snot together. His face flushed, if it wasn’t for the value of his face, it was estimated that he could leave a lot of photos that could be regarded as dark history.

His voice was hoarse. He raised his glass and toasted Lin Meng and Cheng Aiming: “President Lin, Director Chen, thank you-thank you for giving me a chance.”

Yu Yuanxing looked at Lin Meng’s eyes especially “mushy”, which was not love, but it was too much thanks to almost overflowing, and it made people goose bumps stand up.

He was so drunk that he bowed again and again: “President Lin, I really thank you so much.”

Yu Yuanxing was clear in his heart that he had almost gone the wrong way. Even if Lin Meng didn’t cooperate with him, it was normal. But Lin Meng didn’t tell anyone about it, leaving him with dignity and face, and extended a helping hand to him.

“In..” He gave a heavy hiccup. “In the future I plan to go back to my hometown to open a hot pot restaurant. Then President Lin, you will be a lifetime member of our hot pot restaurant. It will always be free.”

He originally wanted to open a western restaurant. But he already had a western restaurant ptsd, and he didn’t want to go to the western restaurant in his life.

Cheng Aiming, who was very touched by the side, gave Lin Meng a speechless look and tried to ask with his eyes.

—— “President Lin, haven’t you discussed the signing with Yu Yuanxing?”

–“Not yet.”

—— “This is no wonder, why don’t you say it quickly.”

Yu Yuanxing whimpered: “I will open … a hotpot restaurant with … a national chain! I think about it. Even in the catering industry, I want to be the best!”

“If I say, your hot pot restaurant may not be opened?”

“I …” Yu Yuanxing almost crying. It was too miserable. His life was so miserable. He couldn’t be a star anymore, couldn’t he even open a hot pot restaurant?

“Do you think that I am not a business person?” Yu Yuanxing, who has regarded Lin Meng as an idol, immediately began to think about the path of transition. “Otherwise … I will open a tutoring institution? I teach students who need art examination!”

(In China, all art candidates must first participate in the art examination of the relevant major of the university they want to apply for, and then be qualified to apply to that university after passing the examination.)

“This won’t work either.”

he stared at Lin Meng in a daze, his face and nose red as if a fire was burning: “… may not work?” His tears fell down.

“A man does not easily shed tears”, this sentence was just shit. Could he only go to work?

Cheng Aiming looked speechless next to him and couldn’t help but secretly pat Lin Meng: “President Lin, don’t go too far.”

But … how did he feel that President Lin was getting more and more … freeing herself? More and more naughty?


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  2. If YYX is already that grateful, even the oceans won’t contain his tears when they tell him they want him to join.

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