Chapter 31 Part 6

Yu Yuanxing was immediately unhappy and gave Cheng Aiming a fierce look: “Director Chen, how can you hit President Lin! You are too much!”

Well, he was recriminated by the drunkard. Cheng Aiming shrugged, very helpless.

Everyone at True Dream Entertainment, except him … well, including him, were all loyal fans of Lin Meng. They always revolved around Lin Meng and centered on her.

Well, it was really a concerted effort and one mind.

“You can’t fight President Lin, President Lin is a very good person. Director Chen, you don’t know …”

Lin Meng patted Yu Yuanxing on the shoulder. She looked at him and smiled suddenly: “Xiao Yu, I won’t let you go to open a restaurant for the time being, and it shouldn’t be in the future.”

Yu Yuanxing nodded stunnedly and wiped his tears: “It’s okay, it’s okay to work part-time, and it saves me from failing to do business without deposit.”

He held back too much hardship and sadness during this time, and did not know whether he was really drunk or wanted to be drunk.

Lin Meng reached out to him: “Come to work for True Dream Entertainment.”


“Welcome to join the True Dream Entertainment family.” Lin Meng smiled.

Yu Yuanxing looked at Lin Meng. The chandelier of the restaurant where they were eating, just above Lin Meng, shone on her, like there was light–

He couldn’t believe it. He put his hand carefully in Lin Meng’s hand and gave it a light grip. He felt the real human touch and immediately released his hand.

Yu Yuanxing stepped back two steps and suddenly sat on the chair. He reached out and covered his face, crying silently.

He was squeezed by the company, deceived by the people he trusted most, had no money, no resources, no future …

Has he finally turned of luck? No, it wasn’t luck that favored him, but President Lin helped him again!

Cheng Aiming shrugged and quietly pointed to Yu Yuanxing who was crying nonstop. “Fool.” He was eating, suddenly corners of his mouth turned up.

Weren’t the people in their company stupid?

In order to dream, a silly boss who didn’t control costs.

A miscellaneous brand team consisting of a number of miscellaneous troops picked up by the boss as “picked up”.

There was also his kind, who took the initiative to send himself to the door.

In another company, if there was no support from a boss who was a bit silly but had a lot of money, it was estimated that the company closed down early?

Fortunately, True Dream continued to create beautiful dreams and output ideals.

That was nice.

The person who photographed them this time was the gossip reporter who published the news of the two last time. Shi Jizhe.

Shi Jizhe received news and money from Yu Yuanxing’s previous economic company and squatted outside the hotel for a day before taking the key photo and publishing the news.

After Lin Meng made a clarification, True Dream Entertainment did not give up like other companies, but continued to file a lawsuit.

Shi Jizhe was forced to apologize publicly and compensated him for damaging the reputation of others. He tried to find Yu Yuanxing’s former company, but the other party avoided him, he could only bear it himself.

He had been very unwilling about this matter, and he never believed that Yu Yuanxing and Lin Meng were really clean.

There were many actors, why Lin Meng still choose Yu Yuanxing? Even after the scandal was exposed?

The actors in the entertainment industry were not all dead yet. He did not believe it. Could Yu Yuanxing be the only one suitable?

Once a person became very persistent, what he could do was also quite different.

Shi Jizhe squatted outside the crew from the beginning of “Please Open The Door”. But the hateful thing was that Lin Meng had a lot of money and hired a lot of security guards. And the crew was completely closed for shooting. He couldn’t take a photo, and he was almost caught by security several times.

God knew that he had to sell so-called work photos to fans of the actors in the crew. This was used to subsidize households.

This was simply an insult to a gossip reporter.

the more this was, the more he felt the problem! If it wasn’t a problem, why did they shoot so rigorously? This was just a web teleplay!

Everything came to him who waits, finally let him wait until the occasion where the two will definitely appear together-the wrap party.

He spent a lot of money, urgently rented a room from the resident opposite the restaurant, and then took bread, staying there for a full night. But throughout the process, Lin Meng was either talking to Cheng Aiming or toasting the crew members one by one.

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    I hope we start seeing more of President Zhu at some point, but I’m really enjoying seeing Lin Meng and her crew grow. Plus it’s always fun to see her getting frustrated at failing to lose money, though you can tell she’s starting to take the show business world more seriously now.

  2. When you’re convinced that something’s wrong, you will look for it wherever you go and you’ll see it in every little thing. 🙁

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