Chapter 31 Part 7

It was really abominable! He didn’t understand why every member of the crew toasted the producer, even the security guards came to toast. Yes, he was about to remember all the faces of security guards.

Didn’t Lin Meng pay attention to status? Shouldn’t he talk to the director and male protagonist in the box?

He roasted for a long time, and finally waited for the perfect time he had been waiting for.

Lin Meng actually shook hands with Yu Yuanxing! Not long afterwards, Yu Yuanxing fell on the chair and Lin Meng went to help him. After the wrap party ended, the two hugged so gently when they said goodbye at the door.

With these three photos, he couldn’t be more excited. He went back to adjust the angle, carefully prepared a news, and held it to noon the next day, and immediately released it.

Of course, this time he was smart, he was not as stupid as he used to be. The title he used this time was: “There was love in the crew. Yu Yuanxing was suspected of having an emotional relationship with the investor, and they were difficult to separate from the wrap party. ”

Shi Jizhe specifically contacted several online marketing accounts he knew, and asked them to help forward the post to increase the popularity. As expected, there were more and more comments, as if many people believed it.

Just when he was contented, a large number of Yu Yuanxing’s fans suddenly appeared in the post and began to scold him in anger.

He disdained to ignore these people, only felt that the fans were whitewashing. The other party actually replied to the netizens who commented on the next one, and also brought their own link to the website to let them go to see the photos taken at the time. Shi Jizhe suspiciously clicked on the link, only to realize that he had overturned again.

@Yu Yuanxing_ Chasing the Fish: As we all know, President Lin is very friendly to all fans. Before the shooting process, she often gave water to our. Yesterday she found that we were still there and wanted to take a few photos, she invited us into the restaurant and left us a table. Last night, we only took pictures, and have not disturbed Xiao Yu. These photos are special, we decided not to publish them after consultation. But since there are some insidious villains today who did not let Xiao Yu go. After deliberation, we unanimously decided to release the photos.

The nine photos below are another perspective of the scenes of the photos taken by Shi Jizhe last night. Fans also made their own records above, explaining the shooting scenes.

In each of these photos, Yu Yuanxing was crying with tears. Just looking at them across the screen, people couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable and be sad.

While the so-called handshake, netizens can clearly see through the live photos that the two’s hands just touched and quickly released. They were simply the meeting of standard gentlemen.

There was a online marketing account who was there last night, commenting on a private Weibo account: “A lot of words really do n’t know what to say. We all know how good President Lin is, and how grateful Xiao Yu is for her. Last night, Xiao Yu was so sad. In this case, this reporter still has to take photos to use him to discredit President Lin, do you really have a heart? ”

After waiting for less than two minutes, True Dream Entertainment appeared immediately. The statement they issued was very concise and neatly stated that Yu Yuanxing was already an entertainer under True Dream Entertainment, and they will carry out in-depth cooperation in the future.

Then-Shi Jizhe received the lawyer’s letter again. He deleted the photos with black face and lay on the bed. His Weibo mailbox was filled with messages scolding him.

He was not convinced, but he could only continue to endure.

Yu Yuanxing, who had just been awakened by a phone call from drunkenness, was looking at Weibo with extreme anger, and he immediately posted a Weibo post.

@Yu Yuanxing: Please stop using me to rumors President Lin, President Lin is really a very good person, I do n’t deserve it! ! ! ! !

The five exclamation marks fully explained his emotional excitement.

The fans were celebrating with joy that he could finally enter the new company and say goodbye to the trash company. They watched this Weibo burst into laughter.

Fans knew that their idol must be emotional now, and they began to appease Yu Yuanxing, saying that they must help clarify, don’t let others slander President Lin.

Fans of other actors’ could not understand the situation at this moment, and some people couldn’t help asking out the question with confusion——

“Don’t you think your idols are so … low? If it were me, I would not like him anymore. ”

Fans of Yu Yuanxing immediately started professional explanations.

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