Chapter 31 Part 8

“Only talking about personal conditions, our Xiao Yu is now a poor idol deceived by the former company. President Lin owns True Dream Entertainment, she can easily spend hundreds of millions to invest in projects; Speaking of academic qualifications … don’t hide everyone, our Xiao Yu has not been to college, he is a little fool who often makes typos; In terms of appearance, although our Xiao Yu looks good, you have also seen the photos yesterday. In front of President Lin, he cried with tears and a runny nose, and his handsome face was gone. ”

“Not to mention President Lin’s help to Xiao Yu. The “Love You Before Tomorrow” that really made him popular was produced by President Lin; it was President Lin who gave him the opportunity when he was at the lowest point; President Lin was implicated in the scandal because of him, and she didn’t blame him … as fans of Xiao Yu, we all treat President Lin as Xiao Yu’s life-saving benefactor. If Xiao Yu feels that President Lin is not worthy of him, we will feel that this Xiao Yu who does not understand gratitude is not the Xiao Yu we like. ”

After reading these explanations, passers-by who didn’t know much about what happened had finally understood. They recalled the days when Yu Yuanxing was called “unlucky guy” and “little pitiful” before, and they felt the same as his fans. They felt that the rumors were really hateful.

Yu Yuanxing, who was called in turn by Xiao Wang and Ning Qi, finally woke up. He obediently deleted the Weibo post and republished the official announcement.

@Yu Yuanxing: Thank you President Lin for her continuous support and help. Fortunate to join the family of True Dream Entertainment, I will continue to work hard! (I also hope that you will not over-discuss the false news. President Lin is the benefactor I met after entering the entertainment industry. I will always respect her and thank her!)

Well, when she was promoted to the level of a benefactor, the distance between them was extended, and the ambiguous atmosphere suddenly disappeared.

After all, Yu Yuanxing treated Lin Meng as a big boss and a savior. Such behavior did not seem to pursue the meaning of the other party.

Just like the hottest comment that got the most likes: “When I see the picture of Yu Yuanxing crying, I don’t think fans need to worry about it at all. Will you cry like this ugly face in front of the person you love? Or … even if he really fell in love with Lin Meng, he cried like this, the possibility of being rejected was beyond imagination. ”

Nine pictures of Yu Yuanxing’s exaggerated crying also became popular outside the entertainment circle and became emoticons used by countless people. It was rare to cry like this after all.

In a corner that most people didn’t know, a super topic was established silently. This super topic belonged to the CP list, and the name was called “I don’t deserve” in three words.

The hottest post was a full of literary style, it was also accompanied by a photo of three important crew members. The photo was taken by a reporter at the start-up ceremony.——Well, Director Chen was ruthlessly cut by CP fans. Now only Lin Meng and Yu Yuanxing were left.

“You are the only light that redeems my dark life. I bow down to you and offer my faith and sincere heart. After today, I belong to you. But I don’t deserve to love you.”

This message was forwarded at the fastest speed. Dominating Women and Weak Men, Pretty Boy, Guardian Knight, the superposition of these attributes was extremely exciting, and the CP fans started to revel.

It didn’t take long for this Weibo to be deleted together with the hot topic CP. 20,000 CP fans who had just joined the super topic were homeless and lost. They did not know where the super topic was sensitive or what bad information was involved.

“President Zhu, what you just asked me to delete, I have deleted it. What else do I need to do?”

“Nothing, just like that.” Zhu Yushen hung up the phone. He refreshed the page and saw that the page was already 404. He nodded in satisfaction.

After the photos of Feng Yan and Lin Meng appeared last time, Zhu Yushen had done some homework and understood what CP was.

For such a cult CP that should not have existed, he deleted it without hesitation anyway.

But this Yu Yuanxing was still a bit self-knowledge, of course he was not deserved.

Lin Meng was naturally worthy of the best. The person who deserved her should have been him …

Zhu Yushen thought of this and suddenly paused. His eyes were a little obscure, and there was a surge of emotion that was unclear.

But now…he was no longer the best of him, and he was not deserved her.

President Zhu, who didn’t have a deep understanding of the fans, did not know that his behavior increased the enthusiasm of the fans.

They quietly established a new base, named “Knight and Queen”, and continued to operate with a secret code that only they knew.

After the shooting, it was difficult editing and later period-processing.

At this stage, Cheng Aiming became the one who kept slapping the table against the producer’s autocracy, resolutely fighting for the complete right of his teleplay to the last second.

Lin Meng also used a trick after discovering that Director Cheng Aiming was getting more and more unreasonable.

She found Zhu Xufang, who was originally on vacation at home, to the company to help.

Sure enough, as soon as Zhu Xufang arrived, director Cheng Aiming, who was like a tiger before, immediately became obedient.

“I think it’s just two more episodes, these plots should be kept!” I didn’t want your thoughts, I just wanted my thoughts. This was Director Chen at this moment..

“Xiao Chen, I think it’s best to leave a little blank, don’t force too much content to the audience. What do you think?” Director Zhu Xufang was drinking tea, he was kind.

“I … you made sense, let me think about it again.”

Lin Meng sat on the hill and watched the tiger fight, she was very leisurely drinking tea. With the addition of the enabled person, “Please Open The Door” soon ended the post-work.

And the next step is to publicize after confirming the schedule.

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  1. Love the relationship between Chen Aiming and Zhu Xufang. From enemy to fanboy…

  2. Yu Yuanxing was from a low noble family, being the third legitimate son, meant his noble status was almost nonexistent in the eyes of the other nobles. He had become a Knight in hopes of getting a chance to find glory and True Honor. Instead he found how useless and weak he was compared to the ones who were naturally stronger and faster.

    He continued struggling, training desperately to keep going. Yu Yuanxing was still a low foot soldier, he kept care for the horses more often than he fought sadly. Oddly enough, he had a knack for training the horses. (Not that helped, most Knights thought he was even more feminine. Weak and gentle. He may have cried when he found out. And it may have been when he was alone with the horses.)

    He didn’t think his skill will get noticed by someone, especially not the Queen. (She was older than him, but he thought she was far more beautiful than any Lady his age.) When he got summoned to the Shen Castle, his legs felt like they were going to give out.

    He bowed to her, nearly falling over. “Your Highness! I am Yu Yuanxing!!” He blurted out, his heart going faster than the hooves of the fastest war horse in the kingdom. She was breathtaking with her steady and gentle presence, her voice smoother than silk he had ever touch. He never felt lower, but awe and nervous overpowered any self loathing he may have.

    “You train the horses, yes? Tamed the so called Devil’s Mount,” she asked him. He nodded, his head piece almost falling off with fast movement. “Stand now.”

    He kept his eyes on her feet, he was far too lowly to look at her face. “Yes, Star was very difficult but I have been training her. She is not ready yet!” He informed her, what if she wanted to ride Star! She might fall off and he would be to blame. He couldn’t let her Highness get injured. He would kill himself before the Emperor could.

    “I was hoping you can help raise my horse’s new foal, he has been difficult for my servants.”

    “It would be a Honor, my Highness!”


    He was moved to the Royal guards, a fact many were displeased with. He kept his head down, trying his best to tame and train the colt to the best of his abilities. When he finally got a more stable relationship with him, he started to really train him. (Her Highness still didn’t name him, what is he supposed to call him?!)

    Captain Cheng had taken him under his wing, fixing the horrible condition he was in. Yu Yuanxing wanted to tell him that was how he was trained. How he was to know his stance wasn’t correct?

    Yu Yuanxing has also saw the Empress more than he had in his whole life in four months. Mostly in the garden that was nearby the pen. She was followed by her little handmaiden and her other servants. All of them looked far more happier than any he had ever seen. He would probably be just as happy to be by her side.

    He wasn’t worthy, not even to be her servant, let her Knight. Not that he wished to be her Knight. He wasn’t strong enough.

    ….he could only look on and dream.


    Yu Yuanxing ran through the castle, his armor was already far behind him on the ground. His sword in hand, the fire licking his heels, he felt the sweat forming on his head. When he met a man dressed in black, he didn’t think as he threw a expensive vase at his head, before stabbing him.

    There was nothing honorable about his fighting, but there was nothing honorable about the people who were burning her Highness’ castle and attempting to kill her. His jaw clenched as he heard a woman screaming for help in the room the man just left.

    He kicked down the door, absentmindedly he worried about how easy it was before he stormed into the room. It was only servants, a man and one woman, who he knew were together. He picked the man with a grunt as the woman opened the broken door. He knew that they only had the option to go up the tower which lead no where else.

    He looked at the window before setting the man down, he used his sword to break the window. The woman gasped, stepping back as he continued to get rid of the rest. “We are on the second floor, the bushes should cushion your fall.”

    “My fall? What about you?” She asked him, he shot her a look before lifting the man up. “Wait! Don’t-” The man dropped on the bushes before rolling off harmlessly.

    “See, it’s fine!” He left her behind, he had to find her.


    Lin Meng sat on her knees, her head still high and proud. They can make her kneel, but they can’t make her forget who she is. “A pity, too bad, my Host wishes to be the Empress. She will take care of your husband.”

    “She will get her just, maybe not tomorrow, but one day,” she said calmly. Her eyes flashed with anger before a calm look replaced it. The concubine, she should’ve knew that little girl would overreach. (How could her Husband let this happen? For a concubine to get this far when she was under his nose, Lin Meng knew she should have never trusted a Prince.)

    Just as the knife got close, the door flew open, a exhausted man standing there. Lin Meng felt shock, how did this silly Knight get here? He stood tall, unlike the nervous Knight she knew cried in the stables on bad days. His sword was dripping blood and-he threw it down to tackle the man behind her.

    She got up and ran to the door, closing it behind her. She didn’t know how to fight and would get in the way. In the room she left, Yu Yuanxing pulled on the hair bun of the assassin, while kneeling in him the balls with no mercy.

    Yu Yuanxing walked out of the room, holding his sword, leaving behind the odd guy who called himself a System, now lifeless. The Empress was looking out the window, staring at her people who putting out the fire in a orderly manner. “All of my men are stronger than I give credit for.”

    “Yes, we are,” Yu Yuanxing nodded, who only survived because of dirty tricks and surprising his opponents.


    The Empress divorced the Emperor, sending everyone into shock. She left for her home country, followed by her people. (Which seemed oddly bigger than when she came here?) It made everyone worried about going to war with their closest Allied Kingdom.


    I wanted to write more, but this is getting too long. Why did I do this? I am weak. So weak. I was gonna make it as a joke. But, why did it get so long?

    Also, love the chapter and it got better as chapters passed. I read it with MTL, but this was better. Thank you 💕💕💕

    1. Thank you for this amazing fanfiction I hope that the real story doesn’t get to that ending though I would love to see more of how the blunt communication of our main character is affecting the one who tries to seduce her husband And how the system is trying to deal with the current very practical interaction of the married couple

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