Chapter 32 Part 1

Lin Meng called Xiao Wang to the office and prepared to talk to her about the publicity work of “Please Open The Door”.

“Has the post-production been over? You are solely responsible for the hot search topic. ”

Xiao Wang: “I’m ready, I will officially start posting tonight.”

Lin Meng nodded. There were many gimmicks in the early stage of “Please Open The Door”, because the actors who participated in the project brought their own traffic, and the attention from fans was also very high.

At first, the publicity team didn’t think about any publicity plan. They just planned to follow the trend and put out the sidelights and publicity photos.

But how could Lin Meng miss this “good opportunity”, for the purpose of wasting money …

How could it be said that spending money indiscriminately should be a reasonable publicity.

Lin Meng thought about it carefully and decided on the current publicity plan. She didn’t care about cost, only about results.

“President Lin.” When Xiao Wang was about to go out, she paused a little hesitantly.

“What’s wrong?”

Xiao Wang thought about it and said the truth: “President Lin, do you remember Jin Youzhu?” She saw Lin Meng nodded and continued to say. “She went into the new crew immediately after she left our crew, you also know this matter.”

After Jin Youzhu peacefully terminated the contract with “Please Open The Door”, she immediately turned to the crew of “A Tale Of Qinghe”.

“A Tale Of Qinghe” was adapted from a well-known novel, the novel has won a literary award. According to netizens, compared with the popular IP, it was more in-depth. The author passed away last year, so the project has already attracted a lot of attention in preparation.

And more amazingly, the chief director of the play was Dao Youming, one of the big three directors called domestic.

Dao Youming’s films have never failed over the years. His abilities in commercial films have been top-notch and his style was unique. Every time people took stock of the famous directors who brought the box office online, they would not miss his name.

The reason why he “condescend” to be the chief director of teleplay this time was for his only son, Dao Erdai, who started directing this year.

Dao Erdai was professionally trained and had just graduated. His father couldn’t wait to pave the way for him.

Dao Youming was afraid that the word of mouth of his son’s first teleplay was not good. From choosing scripts and actors to producing the whole production, Dao Youming was extremely responsible.

According to the online news, the entire process of teleplay shooting was led by Dao Youming, assisted by Dao Erdai, and the expectations of netizens were also very high.

This project was a good cake for real. As soon as the news came out, it caused a lot of netizens to discuss.

This cake was not an ordinary fresh meat and traffic idol entitled to eat. If the actor had no acting skills and a good reputation, it is estimated that Director Dao would not consider them at all.

Did not know how Lv Daoyan talked to Dao Youming in private. In short, Jin Youzhu finally dropped off and became the female protagonist of “A Tale Of Qinghe”. She played the role of a female urban youth who went and work in the countryside or mountain areas.

“I have an impression.” Lin Meng nodded her head. Cheng Aiming was very crisis-conscious and had been alerting Lv Daoyan to be a demon.

When Jin Youzhu first joined the crew, he inquired about the relevant news. Even the news about which TV station this teleplay set was clearly asked.

“This teleplay ended earlier than us, and now it’s halfway through, and the ratings have broken to 2%.” Xiao Wang was a little unhappy when she thought of this.

There was a straight line in her mind-Jin Youzhu was like a villain. After she had made a bunch of demon, she should leave in a hurry. How could she get better?

This was too unfair!

Lin Meng smiled: “If I remember correctly, the ratings of her teleplay have not exceeded Mountains Behind The Mountain?”

“It must not be more than that!” Xiao Wang absolute assurance. “We are phenomenal teleplay, can they be the same? This “A Tale Of Qinghe” audience is limited. I saw someone predict that the ending should be about 2%. ”

“That’senough. I almost thought it was going to exceed our records, because you are so worried.”

“But Jin Youzhu has received a lot of praise this time. Many people said that she is good at choosing projects …” Xiao Wang bit her lip and didn’t make it clear.

What she saw in fact was that Jin Youzhu fans sneered privately, saying that Jin Youzhu was not as short-sighted as some actors.

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