Chapter 32 Part 2

“For some actors, their eyes only know how to pay attention to investors and their pockets. They actually thought that the cooperating stars are famous and they can succeed. But our youzhu is different. Her family has a long tradition of learning, and the elders of the family also help check it. They will only choose real good scripts, good directors, and good actors to cooperate.”

“One is teleplay broadcasted by TV station, and the other is web teleplay. Can the two be compared? It’s ridiculous, some people still say that Youzhu has no contract spirit? People who say so, maybe your idol’s work is difficult to broadcast on TV. This sour taste is coming out of the screen! ”

This was mapping whom, even a fool could understand.

The most important thing is that Xiao Wang was still not able to refute! Their teleplay could not reach the TV station, and it has not been broadcast yet, so now the praise rate was not as good as the other party?

Lin Meng calmly looked at her: “If Jin Youzhu didn’t provoke us, then her situation has nothing to do with us. You have to remember that all we have to do is make the drama that we want to make.”

“… Okay!” Xiao Wang nodded.

“Furthermore, do you think Jin Youzhu really wants to continue to be discussed with us?” Lin Meng gave a look, let Xiao Wang understand the meaning. “If she really came to find fault, we also have gifts to give her, I am afraid she will not want it then.”

Xiao Wang nodded happily, and every time she felt all the grievances in her heart, she could get emotional relief from President Lin.

It was always right to follow President Lin. She didn’t need to be indignant. If Jin Youzhu dared to provoke them, hum…then the contents of her draft box would not be hidden.

Let alone, their teleplay would not lose!

True Dream Entertainment’s publicity had its own characteristics, which has long attracted the attention of netizens.

Before the publicity began, some people could not help but guess. When the publicity was launched and Weibo was posted, they found that they were still not enough to let their imagination fly, and they could not guess True Dream Entertainment’s thoughts.

@teleplay “Please Open The Door”: When you close the door, what is your world like? “You Closed The Door”, extra episodes of “Please Open The Door”, the first extra episode was officially launched. Guests @Song Jiao. #You Closed The Door# # The world after closing the door#

In addition to the fact that fans had to control the comments first, netizens who found this video had already started to click to play and watched the video.

This time the publicity method was a self-made variety show that netizens had never imagined.

At the beginning of the video, Yu Yuanxing appeared in front of the camera. He was wearing costumes used in the teleplay. At this time, he started to explain to the video-

“You are a busy employee; you are a grumpy dad in the eyes of a child; you are a keyboard warrior behind a username; you are … under many identities, what are you really like? After closing the door, did ‘you’ appear? ”

“Is the real you the same as you in the eyes of others?”

As soon as the scene turned, what appeared in the lens was Song Jiao, whose face was enlarged by the HD lens. She was in good shape and started her day’s work in the screen.

Photographers and cutters used the usual method of shooting VLOG, coupled with light music, acceleration and editing, and quickly introduced Song Jiao to do all day.

Through the screen, netizens could see details that were rarely noticed. Started with the bland three meals that ordinary people can’t imagine and accept; in the face of a lot of cosmetics, but dozed off the sleeping actress; wearing high-heeled shoes, taking off her shoes and relaxing immediately after taking pictures; she appeared in the crowd with a beautiful look, flashing a halo and beckoning around to say hello …

A long lens was used in the video, which captured the exchange of day and night outside the hotel window, people hurriedly walking, and the sky changed from white to black.

And when Song Jiao said goodbye to people, the moment the door closed, she stood behind the door, her face was full of fatigue that the netizens could hardly see in peacetime.

Netizens who were familiar with shooting have been able to find that there were fixed cameras in the room. In order to prevent the actors from appearing in the “acting” state, before launching this project, Lin Meng requested that as soon as she started to enter the shooting state in the room, the photographer would withdraw.

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