Chapter 32 Part 3

She removed her makeup cleanly. Some actors would promote their natural beauty on variety shows without any makeup at all. In fact, they still used foundation. Song Jiao was different. She completely removed her makeup.

There were slightly less serious eye bags under the eyes, dark circles that were obvious after no concealer, and a pimple that came out during the menstrual period…although she was still beautiful, she suddenly looked like a fairy descends to the mortal world.

She stood on tiptoe and looked at the mirror, carefully pondering the change in the state of her face today. Then sighed, and wiped the eye cream seriously around her eyes.

She went back to the room, turned on the TV and was lying in bed, staring in a daze for a long time without knowing what to start.

She was like a depleted battery that started to charge in the long night.

The TV beside the bed stayed on overnight, and the volume was constantly output, which seemed to make the actress wrapped in bed sleep comfortably.

It was dawn, the alarm clock sounded, Song Jiao dressed herself and washed her face slowly. When someone knocked on the door and walked out of the door, she was fully charged and said hi to the surroundings happily!

The video ended here, leaving a line of words in the black screen, with Song Jia’s voice as the narration—

Song Jiao: “When I closed the door, I felt like I had become an ordinary person again. Although it’s just an ordinary person who can’t eat snacks casually, and can’t just casually speak publicly while watching gossip news. But when I opened the door, I told myself that the big star came (laughs). ”

After the video ended, there were more and more comments below. Netizens seemed to understand the theme of this publicity.

Some people at the beginning doubted whether this video had a script, but the official Weibo reply let everyone dispel the doubt: “We have set up the camera throughout the process after obtaining the consent of the actors. President Lin requested that we use True Dream Entertainment’s assets guarantee that there is absolutely no script and no acting skills. ”

Hmm … President Lin didn’t want the assets to be real.

But this reply was also true.

Lin Meng gave the actor who participated in this “self-made variety show” a salary, at the same time, she also confirmed with them many times, whether they can present a true state to the audience.

After the shooting ended, Lin Meng also gave the video to the actors for review. If they felt damage to their image, they could ask not to release the video.

Of course-Jin Youzhu also received this proposal, but her agent Sister He did not agree.

The number of comments increased rapidly, and some netizens looked forward to the next episode and counted with their fingers–

There were twelve days before the broadcast date of the official announcement of the Deepsea Video website. According to the previous practice, they could still watch eleven episodes.

The popularity of this self-made variety show, even exceeded that of the variety show of TV stations. Netizens opened the webpage every day to refresh and they hoped to see it the first time.

In fact, the success of this variety show was not accidental.

What netizens most wanted to see was actually a variety show with conflicts and no scripts. It was better to destroy the actor’s previous impression on the spot, similar to the big mess of fighting each other.

The investors were not stupid. Did they not know what netizens like to watch?

The problem was that the stars were reluctant to collapse their own personalities. Even the scripts of the variety shows given about their character settings were slightly worse, they would repeatedly refuse.

President Lin gave them sufficient money protection regardless of cost. Based on her word of mouth, the stars who participated in the project did not worry about the release of fragments that they did not agree with. Under the combined effect of various reasons, this real variety show was officially launched.

Every countdown day, an episode of “You Closed the Door” was released.

An actor who was famous on the variety shows and known for his humor, his real life was boring. He went back to the room to study jokes and tried to make himself laugh funny to the camera.

The Tyrannosaurus rex, which was always vigorous and resolute highly effective during the day, watch the works of director Zhu Xufang every night before going to bed. Sometimes, when he was excited, he would jump out of the bed and mutter to himself: “How can he get such a good-looking shot?”

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