Chapter 32 Part 4

And sometimes when he saw other people’s bad works, he even said to himself in the direction of the TV, all kinds of poisonous words, one after another.

Sui Yan, who looked great outside, would look at the account book and hold the calculator for a long time after going back every night–she was poor at math and the evidence was solid. She lying on the bed murmured numbers in her dreams.

And the last day of the countdown was naturally the only male protagonist Yu Yuanxing in the teleplay.

His style was unique.

Netizens who reached the peak on the last day clicked on the video at the first time, the video started to play, and then they watched Yu Yuanxing startled…he was studying hot pot?

Yes, he was really studying hot pot. He would read the lines for half an hour to prepare for tomorrow’s shooting, and then began to do his homework online.

Netizens watching the video felt their temples beating–

Even if Yu Yuanxing did his homework, how could he use the search engine to do his homework? After he searched, the web pages displayed affiliate advertisements of some brands, and he was not afraid of being cheated?

He also called to ask people how much it cost to join. When he heard the price, he actually showed an expression that he felt was particularly cost-effective.

Looking at Yu Yuanxing’s dense notes, they can only be silen, and quickly found the answer.

–Wasn’t this the franchise advertisement that was often broadcast on local TV stations?

–The boss interviewed smiled happily and said that he joined immediately after seeing the hotline. He earned several thousand a day and 100,000 a month.

Yu Yuanxing solemnly put away the notepad. He was lying on the bed, and entered dreamland with infinite hope for his dream. However, netizens only wanted to give him a huge question mark.

The effect of this variety show was superb.

After this video, Xiao Wang posted a pre-prepared Weibo post.

@teleplay “Please Open The Door”: In reality, we walk around the world with a mask every day, and we only take off the mask on our face when we return to the room. Tomorrow, “Please Open The Door” will be released on time at eight o’clock. See the world behind others’ doors with you.

And you guys–What kind of guys will we see after #Please Open The Door# ?

Whether it was a comment area or a forum, the degree of discussion has accumulated for nearly two weeks and has reached the zenith.

[“You Closed The Door” is so good, how I hope it can be made into a fixed variety show! When Han Xiaoxing squeezed a smile hard at the video in the hotel, I was almost crying, but he was really dedicated … I was wondering if all comedians should practice these every day when they go back. 】

[President Lin, can you give Sui Yan some more salary? I have to cry when I see her counting money in the room. By the way, Sui Yan ’s poor mathematics is well known. It ’s better to hire me. I only need one thousand yuan a month to help her calculate the accounts. 】

[This variety show is interesting and meaningful at the same time. After watching it, I don’t think I will say that XX has made so much money but is not good enough. Each industry has its own pressure. In fact, stars can make this money not just by face.(Of course, there are still people who make money in the black heart)]

[I cried, I believed the previous news. No wonder the fans of Yu Yuanxing thanked President Lin so much, did Yu Yuanxing originally planned to quit the entertainment circle and open a hot pot restaurant, right? The key is why he is so stupid … I read the market analysis he wrote, and I feel that if he really goes to open a hot pot restaurant, he may lose his underwear. 】

[The actors who are so rich and have so many loves seem to be the same as us at least at this point. Corporate slaves are so touched. I only really belong to myself when I close the door every day. Sometimes I even wear a mask to my parents at home. 】

Thousands of words can be summed up in one sentence–remember to watch “Please Open The Door” tomorrow.

Looking at the hot search topic that climbed on time every night, everyone knew that True Dream Entertainment once again won the publicity victory.

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