Chapter 32 Part 5

What happened was that the broadcast time of the finale of “A Tale Of Qinghe” overlapped with the release time of Yu Yuanxing in “You Closed The Door”.

Netizens who did not pay attention to hot search topic did not realize that in the twelve days of “Please Open The Door” publicity, “A Tale Of Qinghe” had not won once on hot search topic.

This matter also had to talk about the Princess Jin.

Lin Meng just told Xiao Wang that day, if Princess Jin didn’t provoke them, don’t worry about the previous things. But that afternoon, Jin Youzhu jumped out again.

Jin Youzhu has never been able to forget that she was cancelled and left the crew. Seeing that “A Tale Of Qinghe” brought more and more praises, the grievances in her heart could not stop like a torrential river.

She couldn’t hold back. During the interview, a reporter asked her if she knew that “Please Open The Door” was about to start publicity. She made a speech “accidentally”.

“I have heard about it. In fact, I still regret that I did not cooperate with” Please Open The Door “. But there is no way. People have to face many different choices in their lives. We always have to give up something and achieve something. ”

“In the face of choice, my method is to analyze the pros and cons, and then choose the more favorable side. Of course, I am not saying that” Please Open The Door “is not good! I don’t mean it at all!”

Jin Youzhu smiled embarrassingly in the video: “It’s just that “A Tale Of Qinghe” is a particularly good work. Director Dao Youming and Director Dao Erdai are also very good directors. Thinking of being able to cooperate with them, I think any sacrifices are acceptable. I am also very happy that this work is now recognized by everyone. ”

she said a lot, but this passage was clear enough. In her mind, “Please Open The Door” was no match for “A Tale Of Qinghe”.

Lin Meng saw this interview on the hot search topic.

She respected all of Jin Youzhu’s views and then … sent her a gift.

President Lin, who did not want to disclose her real name, said that she didn’t want to buy a hot search topic. After all, “Please Open The Door” was hot enough.

People should understand in return.

From the first day of “Please Open The Door” publicity, until the day of the broadcast, it perfectly covered the second half of the “A Tale Of Qinghe” viewing sprint.

Lin Meng gave them a hot search topic gift pack, and she did something particularly annoying. She controlled the hot search topic only one bit higher than the other party and kept pressing on their heads.

Of course, every injustice had its perpetrator, every debt had its debtor. The main point was to thank Princess Jin. Lin Meng didn’t forget to help Princess Jin’s hot search topic to reduce the popularity.

Jin Youzhu saw that the ranking of hot search topic could not rise, and she also spent a lot of money on various marketing campaigns. But…President Lin hadn’t been scared when it came to spenting money.

Until the finale, the hot search topic led by Jin Youzhu did not squeeze into the top 20.

Of course, netizens were not very clear about this battle.

Jin Youzhu refreshed the hot search topic at home, then she became more and more unhappy.

“A Tale Of Qinghe” had just been aired at the finale last night, and now her hot search topic was actually less than the top 20.

Was this reasonable?

She angrily sent a message to Sister He, asking her to spent some more money. She had chins up because of this teleplay!

The female protagonist she played could imagine how much praise she would receive!

Jin Youzhu didn’t care about how she received the full guidance from Dao Youming and Dao Erdai during the filming process.

She firmly believed that this was the result of her own strength fully exerted in the hands of good directors. She firmly believed that this was the result of her own strength fully exerted in cooperation with good directors.

Tonight, “Please Open The Door” was about to be aired. Jin Youzhu rolled her eyes. Speaking of this teleplay, she couldn’t help but get angry again.

She didn’t know what happened to her mother and father. When she was interviewed, she didn’t even mention the name of the teleplay, and they quickly called her to stop talking.

Okay,she didn’t mention it

She was already the female protagonist of the teleplay broadcast on TV that broke 2% rating and smiled at the low actors of web teleplay.

She was so happy that she was going to read the comments on the Internet, but her friend just called.

The other party first congratulated, and then began to ask the gossip: “Youzhu, I heard that Dao Youming’s New Year’s movie, will soon start preparations?”


“Then … would you be the female protagonist?”

Jin Youzhu was a little proud: “It should be possible, but it’s still undecided, but at least i can get Female No. 2. ” She didn’t say too much. after all, director Dao Youming’s work, a female No. 2 was enough for her to boast.

The friend cheered enviously, making Jin Youzhu particularly happy and satisfied: “Even if friends become rich, do not forget each other. Don’t forget me, if there are any rim supporting characters. Youzhu. Fortunately, you didn’t shoot that web teleplay … “

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