Chapter 32 Part 7

“The Welfare Foundation has stepped in and has now found the location of the teenager. The Foundation has already raised a total of 30,000 yuan for him.”

“A well-known psychologist analyzed that the teenager may have autism and escape from society. He needs social assistance to rebuild his mind.”

Wang Xiaoqiang stared at the young man in the picture in a daze. He was very young, and the whole person looked a little unruly. Then he looked at the weirdo at the moment: “Is this you?”

This episode ended.

Wait, was it over? It was clear that there was nothing to say in this episode, and there was not much suspense. Wasn’t the story quite plain?

But they seemed unable to control their hands, and netizens couldn’t help but continue watching.

The second episode finally said that the weirdo was the teenager mentioned in the news.

His parents died when he was sixteen. After his parents died, he closed himself at home. The only channel he used to contact the outside world was online shopping.

Wang Xiaoqiang certainly would not help bury the teenager, he began to explore what happened at the teenager’s home. But his scope of action was limited.

He could move everything in the door. He could even use the Internet, but he could not contact any outsiders.

He started to be confused. Could he really solve problem for the weirdo?

The netizens also followed their fears. When they were about to finish, they refreshed and found new things nearby.

Only two episodes were aired. Why did you bring some extra stories? The name of this extra story was quite interesting, and it was called “People Outside The Door”.

They clicked curiously and saw a 20-minute video without the protagonist. It was about the members of the charity association outside the door shouting to help the weirdo, and the neighbor who had been sneaking a peep.

At this time, they discovered that this charity association seemed to have a problem. It was an unofficial organization. After the people in charge of fundraising said goodbye to the crowd, he took the money and went directly to indulge in sensual pleasure?

The neighbor who had been delivering food to him was defined by Wang Xiaoqiang as a kind-hearted neighbor. The person looking at the weirdo’s house, it was … dissatisfaction, fear, disgust.

There was a murmur: “When the hell does it end?”

As long as they watched the three-piece set, the netizens couldn’t let go of it completely. They began to discuss with great enthusiasm. What kind of story was this?

Why was this house called a grave, and the weirdo had never been helped. What kind of people were the charity association and the neighbor?

10,000 people had 10,000 kinds of speculations in their hearts. They discussed each other, and after the analysis, they tried to convince each other. They nearly made a PK in the real world.

There have been unprecedented “monsters” in this teleplay. Its discussion was beyond everyone’s imagination.

Some netizens were addicted to it. Once it was released on the Deepsea Video website, they immediately watched it. Most of them watched two episodes together, and even watched all the extra videos together.

When they finished watching, they immediately began to discuss with people, what is the plot development next.

Almost every episode was updated, and reverse was made on the basis of the previous episode, but smart netizens quickly reached a consensus.

–Anyway, the weirdo will definitely go out, and with the help of Xiaoqiang, achieve a better life!

When the last episode aired, netizens were all slapped.

The so-called charity association was originally undertaken by rich people. He spent a lot of money, but never touched the money in the association. He had no problem except for the overflow of love.

It was the good neighbor who had always performed well, and soon moved away. It didn’t take long for him to go to social news because he was in jail.

The weirdo returned home, pushed away the parents’ room, and burned incense for them.

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