Chapter 32 Part 8

The so-called good neighbor was the real culprit who pushed the weirdo’s parents to the dead end. The three committed suicide together, and the weirdo was the only survivor. The neighbor did not know whether the weirdo knew the truth, and secretly “watched” the other party, and at the same time feared the weirdo died too early, attracting the attention of others.

He did not expect that when the statute of limitations was about to expire, an overzealous reporter found a weird man who dropped out of school and hid at home, which triggered everything.

In fact, it was the weirdo who sent the news link to the reporter.

What he said to Wang Xiaoqiang was sincere. In this grave, he really meant the grave. He originally wanted to bury himself here too. After being encouraged by Wang Xiaoqiang, he decided to live a good life.

The plot of this drama did not procrastinate at all, and numerous extra videos were sent for free.

About the theme, it has always divided the story into two clues outside and inside the door.

From the closed-minded teenager to Song Jiao who played glamorous outside but her house was very messy online celebrity. The keyboard warrior was violent by the Internet because of cursing people online. To hide from the child the fact that they had separated, each had a new lover’s parents …

One unit after another could not be stopped at all, ahd the details of reversal and thoughtfulness hidden in every story were even more daunting.

For example, it seemed that the keyboard warrior vented his emotions online only when he was in pain. In fact, his heart occasionally flashed horrible fragments. The parents who separated in the room seemed to put the child first, but in fact, there were countless dreams when they hoped that if there was no such child …

It was written like this in a five-star review that received the highest popularity.

[A teleplay that makes you unable to sleep every day after watching. Have you ever had the idea of ​​being scared in retrospect even once or a second? Have you ever thought that even the real you are always wearing a mask? 】

[At first watching this drama, I thought the director wanted to talk about the real person after seeing the mask. But after watching it, I found that what the director wants to say is that maybe it is true that we are too terrible. It is also a good thing if we can put on the mask. 】

[Director Cheng Aiming said he wanted to break through himself, I think he succeeded. 】

The rating of this web teleplay on the scoring website even broke 9 during the peak period, and then gradually fell, and it stabilized at 8.6 points and no longer fell.

What made most fans sad was that this web teleplay was not really popular.

It occupies countless hot search topics, and the posts discussing it are innumerable, and even made people feel that it was a national discussion.

However… its total number of plays could not even exceed “Love You Before Tomorrow” which had less than half of the episodes.

Netizens spontaneously promoted it. Anyone who could accept this subject loved it, and regarded it as a divine drama in their hearts. But if anyone who didn’t like the themes, they wouldn’t be able to finish even the fist episode.

Netizens thought that the producer might lose money, and the netizens felt unhappy, and even spontaneously made a lot of comments on the official Weibo.

[Please open a reward channel, good drama needs to be supported! Thanks to Director Chen and True Dream Entertainment for bringing us shock! 】

President Lin, who was rich, did not agree to their good intentions. She even held an event to repost posts to get a lottery in order to give back to everyone, so the fans were almost kneeling.

@True Dream Entertainment: Thank you all for your support. President Lin told me to tell everyone, True Dream Entertainment is designed to create dreams. Dreams do not need to estimate the cost, only hope that you will be happy when watching.

This practice of not making money, only for dreams and for art, caused the fans to stir their hearts. They vowed to support True Dream Entertainment’s works in the future.

Even if they were rich, they would have to spend for a true conscience company. They were willing to support True Dream Entertainment forever.

President Lin, who was calculating the loss for the company, had no idea that her company suddenly had the title of a conscience company.

She looked at the ledger happily and felt that there could be another 10,000 such projects.

Xiao Wang ran in suddenly, the joy on her face gave Lin Meng an ominous hunch.

“President Lin!”

“Wait, you will say it later.” She wanted to be happy for one more minute. “You can talk.” People always needed to face reality.

“Our “Mountains Behind The Mountain” got all the nominations. Now almost all the media are reporting this!” Xiao Wang’s face glowed with red light, and she was very excited.

When Lin Meng heard it, a relaxed expression appeared on her face: “Okay, this is a good thing. Since this is the case, you let the finance staff come over, I will give bonuses and celebrate together.”

She was taken aback. She thought that “Please Open The Door” made money.

She found a reason to spend money again, very good.

The door was knocked twice. The person who entered the door was responsible for business negotiations. He had two documents in hand: “President Lin, faxes were sent from three countries. They all wanted to introduce “Please Open The Door” to the local TV station. The revenue they give is very impressive. When do you think it’s better to sign a contract? Or let them raise the price? “

“…” What would she say? In order to promote domestic projects to go abroad, why not take the initiative to make a discount?

Lin Meng knew nothing about the power of fans.

She did not know that because “Please Open The Door” did not perform well, netizens spontaneously started subtitles, translated them and uploaded them to foreign websites.

In order to respect copyright and allow President Lin to earn income, they only translated to a key plot, and then no longer translated.

This great spirit that must make President Lin earn money was the spirit of fans!

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  1. Lol! The more she does the more people are moved the more money she makes. People like genuine people.

    Thanks for the chapters. ♥️

  2. Thank you! Thank you for translating. Thank you for your hard work dealing with technology! I admire you!!

  3. I like this novel because it does not only talk about the main story. Since its theme was focused on Lin Meng’s job as a producer. This novel also create interesting stories inside which got me hooked up. That teleplay is really interesting. I hope someone would create series out of it.
    Tho, the sad side of this is, Lin Meng and her husband do not have much screen time at all.

  4. It’s hilarious- at no point does she consider the money she is making hers to keep so that she can keep spending her husband’s money, though the original goal was just to make it so that some little third party can’t enjoy what she would have to leave behind XD

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