Chapter 33 Part 1

Lin Meng read the documents faxed by the other party with a stiff face.

The three countries that sent applications for introduction this time were Kimchi, Sakura, and Rice (It refers to South Korea, Japan and the United States. The author doesn’t seem to want to classify the story completely into the real world. We can imagine this story world as a parallel space) .

They had set up channels dedicated to introducing imported programs and teleplay. These channels are usually charged.

Because of their reliance on the charging system, they also paid special attention to paying people and potential markets. They found that “Please Open The Door” has become more popular on the Internet. After many viewers made “want to see” remarks, they did not hesitate and immediately waved the banknote and wanted to introduce it immediately.

It was just that the price they gave was not too high, which was about the price of one or two episodes of “Mountains Behind The Mountain” previously sold to Da Jiang TV Station.

After confirming the price, Lin Meng was relieved and signed the contract very readily.

It was such a small amount of money. fortunately, she still lost money, perfect.

But no one thought that this was just the beginning–

In fact, domestic had a precedent for introducing teleplay to abroad. It has been mainly dominated by costume dramas and martial arts dramas, and some romantic romance comedies.

After all, in most cases, it was the unique cultural and historical heritage that attracted foreigners.

“Please Open The Door” was not the same as these. What was wrapped around it was not domestic culture and plots that only natives could fully understand. All its selling points were a good story that was told and packaged in good faith.

After “Please Open The Door” was introduced, it caused a wave of attention. Domestic netizens have always been skilled at going to foreign websites. They refreshed Twitter as always, but couldn’t help rubbing their eyes when they saw the comments.

They were on Twitter, not Weibo.

Why did so many people discuss “Please Open The Door”? But they were so outdated, and they were still discussing “The Man In The Grave”, which has been broadcast for a long time.

The netizens saw foreign netizens who were using language they did not understand and made comments saying that they wanted to know the future development.

People, sometimes just like to reveal the plot to others. They were planning to tell them about the next hundred episodes.

But before the comments were sent out, they saw those netizens screaming and said. “We are just curious and do not allow spoiler alert, people who do this will eat instant noodles without seasoning packages! “

It seemed that netizens everywhere were the same in this regard.

Some netizens took screenshots of these chats and posted them on Weibo while feeling interesting. Tens of thousands of people reposted this Weibo.

Even the fans who really wanted to let more people see the teleplay never thought that the teleplay could really get attention abroad.

What they saw before was that more foreign dramas caused heated discussion in domestic. As for domestic dramas, even if there were special posts in foreign forums to discuss, there were two or three hundred comments enough to make everyone proud.

But this time, their drama, genuinely popular abroad!

Well, it’s a bit exaggerated to say popular. But it can be regarded as a real hot teleplay.

With the proliferation of this post, there have been more and more comments.

@Little smart ghost loves to lift the bar: I read the comments of foreign friends on Chinese teleplay “Please Open The Door” on Weibo. I’m not talking about tongue twisters / funny.

@Obviously just a fish: Fans of the teleplay come to report! The teleplay I like, the world knows! (Sexy fans, online bragging). I hope people all go to see “Please Open The Door”, a teleplay where foreign friends are addicted!

@Walking: For a long time, domestic netizens have been watching various dramas filmed abroad, scoring high scores, and inputting opinions by others; Now, it seems that we can also output opinions to the person, this feeling is special … really special.

Until the official media commented, and finally pushed this topic to the top.

@China Times: “Please Open The Door” is a teleplay that really sits “going out”. As an excellent domestic teleplay, it has a task on its body. It brings domestic sound to the world, let the world see, we also have good dramas that do not lose to anyone. We believe that “Please Open The Door” will lead the trend of domestic boutique dramas. In the future, we can also export our good dramas abroad.

The news was like throwing a big rock into a calm river and exploding violently.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. I don’t really get the open the door concept but the fans are really good to not fansub all the episodes haha.

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  4. JAJAJAJJAJAJAJJAJA dinero dinero Lin Meng subestimó a los extranjeros, era obvio que si un país lo tuvo y consiguió buenas vistas otros países también lo compraran y lo doblaran. Además de que el programa tenía muchos temas interesante con los que la gente no se aburrira

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