Chapter 33 Part 2

Netizens who had never followed this teleplay, and suddenly discovered that domestic companies actually produced such a teleplay that was introduced abroad and attracted praise.

Some netizens couldn’t help but comment and ask: “Is this teleplay really so good?”

Fans of True Dream Entertainment never let go of any opportunity for publicity, and they all responded to comments.

“It is excellent enough, it occupies one of the top ten position of domestic TV drama ratings on the rating website; it is received on the Deepsea Video website at the second highest praise; recognized by the China Times and drama critics as the No. 1 premium drama of the year; Director Cheng Aiming’s masterpiece, many well-known actors participated. The content you want is included in this teleplay. Click to enter the Deepsea Video website, search for “Please Open The Door”, non-members try the first three episodes for free. “

“Deepsea Video website members only need ten yuan for the first month,” Please Open The Door “which is 100 episodes plus 20 extra episodes will make you feel cost-effective; this year’s most tearful family drama “Mountains Behind The Mountain”, everyone deserves it; “The Path To Becoming Immortal” takes you to appreciate the magnificent world; when you are in a heavy mood, “Love You Before Tomorrow” takes you to a luxurious life! True Dream Entertainment gives you a sweet dream. You can’t buy milk tea or clothes for ten yuan, but you can buy a month of perfect enjoyment. “

“One member, the whole family can enjoy together. Young people are suitable for watching “Please Open The Door”; Film lovers are suitable for watching “The Path To Becoming Immortal”; Girls will fall in love with “Love You Before Tomorrow”; The whole family is suitable for watching “Mountains Behind The Mountain” together! “

These ads were better than the Deepsea Video website did. Saw the familiar names, netizens could not help feeling the desire to buy.

From “Oh my god, these dramas that I like are all produced by True Dream Entertainment.” to “I will buy a member and take a look at Please Open The Door that everyone is boasting about.” Every netizen was like a lost lamb, and was sent to the right place by the cunning wolf.

Their unremitting efforts were also reflected in the monthly income statement placed in front of Lin Meng at this time.

Ning Qi had become a trapeze during this time, and his career burst into the second spring. Not only did he not feel tired at all, but he was always full of fighting spirit.

He returned to True Dream Entertainment this time and happened to be able to attend the last month’s summary meeting at the beginning of the month. As one of the executives, he sat next to Lin Meng and looked at the report.

The more he watched, the more surprise Ning Qi was.

The two teleplays and a film that had been aired for a long time, the distribution of accounts previously broadcasted through the Internet has stabilized, but this month there has been a sudden increase in amplitude and increased a lot of income.

“Please Open The Door”, which ended last month, should have fallen from the peak, but this month it unexpectedly stabilized. The drop was very small, and the share amount was very gratifying.

Of course, compared with the company’s previous large investment in “Please Open The Door”, overall it still lost a lot of money …

“It’s a pity.”

“What a pity?” Lin Meng looked at him, and her heart …really hurt.

The person who did not want to be interviewed said that she looked at the rising numbers on the report as if she was cut by a knife.

“Although their income share has slightly increased, “Please Open The Door” is still too much investment as a web teleplay. Even with this income level, it will take at least a year or two to recover the cost.” Ning Qi sighed, and he felt a pity.

He began to try to persuade his stubborn boss: “President Lin, you need to be more cautious in investing in the future … You know, although we all think it is a good drama, but a good drama may not be able to recover the investment cost. This is also the reality now … “

As an employee, he was most worried about the boss who spends money every day. He was too embarrassed.

He was nagging for a long time, and then he finally found that Lin Meng and the staff of the Ministry of Commerce looked at him in confusion.

Ning Qi: “?” Did he say something wrong?

Lin Meng silently handed out the bottom income form: “Did you just turn it over to the end?”

Ning Qi took it by hand and only read two lines: “You mean the copyright introduced by foreign countries, I know, I have heard about this …” He said halfway, then he stopped suddenly.

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