Chapter 33 Part 3

Wait, he clearly remembered that the news was about three countries.

But what was the dense text on this form?

The country of curry, the country of Siam … even the oil country.

Their teleplay … can it be recognized locally?

Ning Qi carefully looked at the amount on the report. In many countries, the price is quite low, but … add up these amounts … it seemed to be recovering all investment costs?

He didn’t feel that he was being slap at all, but instead smiled happily: “President Lin, we should be able to recover the investment cost of this drama soon! “

Lin Meng looked at him and held back the tone she was about to sigh: “Will you continue to read?”

Ning Qi didn’t understand it, but he continued to read, and then: “President Lin, we sold the copyright for this teleplay?”

Lin Meng nodded, although she was a little heavy in her heart, but she did not express her emotions on her face: “Yes, they introduced it and the response was very good. They bought the copyright from us, intending to shoot their version of Please Open The Door. Yu Xi and Director Cheng Aiming have to go abroad for guidance. I just signed the contract, you may not see us talking about it in the chat group. “

Ning Qi looked amazed–

Their overseas operations this time were really successful. Not only was it introduced to the local broadcast, it caused heated discussion, and even the copyright was sold.

There seemed to be only a few costume teleplays called “sacred drama” that could be remade abroad!

“President Lin …” Ning Qi glanced at Lin Meng and felt ashamed, “Really worthy of you.”

After hearing this sentence, Lin Meng could only wave her hand “modestly”: “Do not talk about this, don’t talk about this.”

She didn’t want to be so discerning. Before that, she always thought that losing money was just around the corner.

It was God asking her to make money … she had to make money.

She had to think carefully about the next project, she would definitely lose money!

“By the way, why did you suddenly return to the company today? I thought you were busy recently.” Lin Meng shifted the topic. Now she just wanted to talk about some light things.

Ning Qi looked at Lin Meng, he suddenly stood up excitedly and sorting out the collar: “It’s almost the end of the year. I want to report work to President Lin, and I will tell you good news by the way.”

The two words of good news, Lin Meng didn’t want to hear that. She was tired.

“You say it.” But she still have to listen.

Ning Qi first talked about his work about this year, and then apologized to Lin Meng. He could not escape from the job of an agent.

Although the agent recruited by the company worked hard and advanced, but there were always shortcomings that needed him to be looked at personally. Then President Lin signed Yu Yuanxing suddenly, he really had no time to return to the company.

“It’s okay, it’s important to take care of the entertainers.” Of course, Lin Meng didn’t want Ning Qi to come back.

She usually spent so much money without Ning Qi helping to control her expenses. As a result, she could not lose money.

If Ning Qi came back, he would stop her from spending too much money. Her idea of losing money could only be realized in her dream?

“Then, this is the good news that I think I must come back to tell you.”

when he talked about it, he couldn’t help but smile. “President Lin, all this is your credit.”

“Me?” Lin Meng pointed at herself. She recently … did not do anything? The only thing she had done recently was to get an award for “Mountains Behind The Mountain”. Could it be that something was caused by the award?

“Please Open The Door has a good reputation, and it has also attracted the attention of many practitioners in the circle.” Of course, they didn’t just appreciate the teleplay, but wanted to dig out the reasons for its success.

Lin Meng nodded: “I know this.”

There were also news two days ago, and several well-known directors gave the teleplay a good review with an official certified account.

“Therefore, there are many people who have paid attention to the actors through this teleplay.” Ning Qi said that this was a mixture of happiness and pity. “Director Dao Youming intends to release a film next summer or National Day. The project is currently under preparation. He sent us an invitation to plan to invite Yu Yuanxing to play the male protagonist.”

It’s no exaggeration to say that Dao Youming’s film had a box office bottom of 500 million yuan. Yu Yuanxing was able to become a 500 million box office man the first time he entered the film circle. This kind of thing was hard to imagine, it was also difficult to appear in dreams.

“It’s just a pity …”

“What a pity?” Lin Meng was also very happy for Yu Yuanxing, but fortunately True Dream Entertainment was not a greedy company. When the contract was signed, the share was as low as possible. Even if Yu Yuanxing made tens of millions with this film, the company could not divide too much money.

She didn’t care about the money.

“Unfortunately, the female protagonist did not choose people from our company.” He sighed, people were always greedy, otherwise this was the double yellow egg.

Lin Meng asked casually: “Who did he choose?”

“It’s Song Jiao.” Ning Qi said. “I heard that Director Dao Youming just saw Song Jiao’s performance in” Please Open The Door “, and he felt that she was particularly suitable for the female protagonist of the new film, so he sent an invitation, and even audition is not needed.”

Lin Meng just wanted to nod, saying that she already knew about it. But at this moment, there seemed to be a clue in her brain that was quickly connected in series.

“Wait, I am a little familiar with the name of Director Dao Youming. Is he the chief director of ‘A Tale Of Qinghe?’ “

Ning Qi had not been in the company for a long time. He did not know much about the conflict between Jin Youzhu and the crew. He nodded: “Yes.”

“We have confirmed the partner after receiving the invitation. Actually, the female protagonist originally chosen by Director Dao Youming was Jin Youzhu, but then after considering the issues of role suitability, he decided to choose Song Jiao. Jin Youzhu is currently set to Female No. 2, she is about to sign a contract. “

Hearing this, Lin Meng also understood: “It turns out so …”

Well, Jin Youzhu might be very happy.

No pains, no gains. Didn’t she exchange a Female No.1 for a Female No. 2?

Ning Qi had something to do and was planning to go out. He had to take a flight to accompany Yu Yuanxing to two activities later.

Ning Qi was walking outside the door, Lin Meng said. “Help me call Xiao Wang.”

Of course, such a good thing, she have to celebrate with everyone, this was worth the wonderful speech of Jin Youzhu’s ‘no pains, no gains’ !

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