Chapter 34 Part 1

Dao Youming had just answered Lv Daoyan’s call. He returned to the room helplessly, and looked at his son, his eyes full of depression.

“Dad, director Lv still wants Miss Jin to be a female protagonist?” Dao Erdai was also helpless.

If director Lv Daoyan used to be a respectable and desirable senior for him.

Then now … he only felt that the other party’s excessive spoiling of her daughter’s practice was too terrible.

Dao Youming smiled bitterly: “”Is there any other reason?”

He couldn’t help complaining: “Why did I have to cooperate with her at the beginning?”

He was just for the resources that Lv Daoyan can provide … in reality, directors of literary films such as Lv Daoyan are often invited in world-renowned film exhibitions, and they are sometimes judges.

At that time, Dao Youming wanted his son to have a good relationship with Lv Daoyan, and he would be able to integrate more smoothly in the film circle in the future.

Jin Youzhu had won many acting awards before. She graduated from the Film Academy and had good grades in the entrance exams that year. She was not a vase actress, there was no loss in choosing her as a female protagonist.

Seeing his father’s sad appearance, Dao Erdai patted his shoulder and comforted him: “It’s alright dad. At that time, did we imagine that this would happen?”

The father and son would rather Jin Youzhu be a vase actress. The vase actress was so good and easy to teach.

It wasn’t that Jin Youzhu’s acting skills were bad. Among her peers, Jin Youzhu’s acting skills can be regarded as middle to upper level. The problem was that she was too concerned about her appearance. Deep in her heart, she resisted performances that would damage her image. She was unable to release her emotions.

Jin Youzhu was an actress with a stubborn self-view. She had a lot of thoughts about the script, the way of shooting, the acting skills of other actors, and the way she presented her acting. After entering the crew, she often expressed her opinions on various matters.

If she was really wrong, the father and son of the Dao family were quite relaxed, and they could curse directly. The problem was that Jin Youzhu’s point of view was still summed up in the textbook and her mother’s shooting theory. It seemed that it sounded reasonable.

But if they really did what she thought, it would only be an Lv Daoyan-style literary film. She thought she was expressing her opinions, but for several times, both the father and son felt that it seemed to be a face-slapping performance.

They couldn’t scold, they could only coax, and finally they had to teach one by one, persuading her according to her way of thinking.

Reporters came to interview during the wrap party. When they saw Jin Youzhu saying to reporters: “I am very happy to work with the two directors.”

They almost vomited blood on the spot.

After the starting broadcasting of “A Tale Of Qinghe”, the father and son quickly paid attention to the topic “Please Open The Door”, which was always higher than theirs. Out of curiosity, they followed this teleplay together.

When they started watching, they couldn’t stop. They watched the actors shining under Cheng Aiming’s carving, and their eyes were about to shine.

This was not a teleplay, this was a large-scale audition scene in the entertainment circle.

The two of them took a fancy to Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao among many actors. After some entanglement, they decided to invite these two to act as protagonists.

As for Jin Youzhu, they arranged for her the role of Female No. 2.

They thought they did not treat Lv Daoyan badly. They have made her daughter a teleplay female protagonist with a rating of over 2%. Wasn’t it good enough to let her be the film’s Female No.2?

They did not expect that Lv Daoyan was really dissatisfied.

“Dad, what did the director Lv think? When we were eating some time ago, did she also say that female No. 2 was acceptable?” Dao Erdai remembered that they had asked this matter tentatively, Lv Daoyan and Jin Youzhu had good attitudes.

Dao Youming sighed. How could he have time to pay attention to the gossip news of the entertainment circle every day, and he just asked the reason from his friends: “The problem is that Jin Youzhu can not be Female No.1, but Song Jiao cannot be the Female No.1.”

Dao Erdai didn’t understand: “… aren’t they all sctresses of Feng’s Entertainment?”

Did the actresses of the same company compete so intensely?

“You don’t know, the character of Song Jiao in “Please Open The Door” was originally Jin Youzhu.”

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