Chapter 34 Part 2

“She canceled the contract with the other crew because of our teleplay?”

Dao Erdai’s expression was complicated. What he actually wanted to say was that they really felt that they were wronged. In fact, Jin Youzhu didn’t need to come.

Dao Youming shook his head and looked envious: “In order to clarify this matter, I asked many people. Because Jin Youzhu made the same…” He expressed everything in silence. “Then Cheng Aiming had a big conflict with her. Their investment company, that is True Dream Entertainment, stood firmly on Director Chen’s side. They did not give Jin Youzhu a chance, they cancelled the contract with her directly. “

“…” What kind of investor was this? Dao Erdai was surprised. The knowledge he gained from his childhood understanding of the entertainment industry. Even a big director at his father’s level sometimes had to compromise with investors.

“If I have such a reliable investor, I don’t have to suffer so much in the early years.”


The room was filled with envious sourness. The father and son looked at each other and sighed deeply. It has been said that well-known directors are hard to find. In fact, reliable investors were also hard to find.

Yu Yuanxing & Song Jiao joined Dao Youming’s new film.

Jin Youzhu stared at this hot search topic with extreme grievances, how could she be so unlucky!

This role was clearly hers!

Lv Daoyan just came in after the phone call, looking her daughter’s eyes filled with expectation when she was looking forward to looking back, she had to shake her head slowly: “I just called. Director Dao said that their contract has been signed, and the official Weibo has announced the news. There is no way to change it. “

She had to sit beside her daughter and appease her.

Jin Youzhu was lying on the bed and kicking her legs vigorously: “Mom, look at the comments on the Internet, what do they say!”

Clicking on the topic link, the top was an interview video. During the interview, Dao Youming mentioned that after watching “Please Open The Door”, he was attracted by the performances of Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao, and he decided on these two protagonists.

The front part of the comment area seemed to be in harmony as her fans controlled the comments. But continue to read, she could see some unpleasant remarks.

“It’s so funny, who remembers how clever the fans of Princess Jin said she was making the right choice? As a result, Song Jiao now became the female protagonist of the film directed by Dao by the role she didn’t want. My laughter almost collapsed a building. “

“I also remember that the fans of Jin Youzhu said that she used a female protagonist of a web teleplay unit to change to a female protagonist of a teleplay that can be broadcast on a TV station, this choice did not suffer. But now, she not only lost the female protagonist of the web teleplay unit, she also lost a film female protagonist. Who do they think is more disadvantaged now? “

“Song Jiao, who performed “Please Open The Door” abandoned by Jin Youzhu, conquered the big director with charm. Isn’t that the key to the issue? And the most important point is that every day the director who saw the princess’s acting felt that the acting skills of the princess was not good. That’s why the director just let her play the Female No.2 “

Lv Daoyan more and more angry, but the first thing she had to do was to comfort her daughter: “Zhuzhu, don’t be angry. These are people who deliberately discredit you, they just envy you. You see that the money they earn in their lifetime is not much more than your monthly living expenses. “

Jin Youzhu sat up from the bed and her eyes were all red: “But now they are right. Director Dao did not choose me, but chose Song Jiao. Isn’t it because he thinks that Song Jiao’s acting is better than me?” She was extremely frustrated. For the first time, she felt that she was inferior to others.

“Not like that, Zhuzhu.” Lv Daoyan tried to comfort her daughter, “Hum … it’s the role of Song Jiao, which is more changeable and more hierarchical, so it looks a little better. She can’t match you. “

“Is that true?” Jin Youzhu was calmed down a little bit. She was like a student who scored full marks from childhood. Someone suddenly said to her that the person who sat in the back seat with a score of 70 was better than her. She couldn’t get through this hurdle in her heart.

“Of course it is.”

Jin Youzhu leaned on her mother’s shoulders: “Mom, I’m so sad. That President Lin, why is she so bad! ” She has completely blamed her dissatisfaction and sadness to Lin Meng. After all, it was Lin Meng who was in direct conflict with her.

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  1. This mom should teach her resilience in adversity, nit cuddle her like this.

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Geez, this girl’s parents are 100% responsible for the person she is. They really aren’t doing her any favors with their coddling and fawning.

  3. To have such parents is a misfortune. If I were in this situation, the speed at which my mum will tell me that a suck would be phenomenal. Shed whoop my ass if she could. This was a chance for Jin princess to get better and improve on herself and her mothers senseless pampering spoiled it

  4. Su madre es una idiota, si quiere que su hija sea famosa debería de hablarle de la verdad y mejorar su personaje porque ellos no tienen el mundo en sus manos por lo que es inevitable que se enfrente a gente que ellos no podrán confrontar y terminará muy mal.
    Me recuerda a una parte en una novela donde el padre engañaba a su hijo y le decía cosas a favor del hijo y al final toda la familia fue asesinada por culpa del hijo

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