Chapter 34 Part 3

“If it wasn’t that she had to let me cancel the contract, I would shoot well, and now it’s me who is the female protagonist.”

Lv Daoyan had to appease her daughter slowly, and her dissatisfaction with Lin Meng grew more and more.

If it hadn’t been for her to have to cancel the contract with Youzhu, how could this be the trouble now?

She thought about Jin Youzhu who was mocked by netizens on the Internet and lost the female protagonist. And there was also the issue that her husband was anxiously busy because of the termination of the cooperation, and could not return home in half a month. She became more hostile to the chief culprit.

It was okay. It didn’t matter. She wanted to see if President Lin, who was praised by netizens, could take the gift she gave.

“So … are you delaying the script?” Lin Meng held the phone, her face confused.

Zhang Chenghu, who had always been reliable, actually had a big problem with the script creation of the new drama. As soon as he received Lin Meng’s call, he immediately apologized.

Zhang Chenghu said that the script he wrote was a mess, he was overthrowing it. Even if only by phone, Lin Meng could hear the collapse and anxiety of Zhang Chenghu.

“I’m sorry, President Lin, I’m really not very good at this subject. I thought over and over again, although the core of the story is well thought out, but the details …”

How could he use this junk script to fool President Lin?

He has seen netizens say that the products produced by True Dream must be fine.

Only genuine quality scripts could be worthy of President Lin’s respect for screenwriter, and worthy of President Lin’s unlimited investment.

After hearing these words, Lin Meng, who had some tangle of mood because of the “Please Open The Door” counterattack, suddenly relaxed.

Zhang Chenghu was really a good comrade, which was good news for her. She particularly appreciated Zhang Chenghu’s not good at this subject.

“It’s okay, you can write slowly, slow work yields fine products. We are not in a hurry. If you really can’t finish it as scheduled, the company can take a break. “

Lin Meng received many investment cases, and now more and more scripts are sent to her.

After all, screenwriters who cooperated with her have basically achieved a double harvest of word of mouth and awards, and their salaries have also risen a lot.

Lin Meng comforted him like this, and Zhang Chenghu felt even more ashamed. He immediately said something as a guarantee: “You can rest assured, and give me … three months, I will finish writing the script in three months.”

He must be able to do well, and he still has the most solid backing. Teacher Li He said before, if he can’t do it, he can always ask him for help.

Although he was unwilling to cause trouble to Teacher Li He, but if he knew that this was helping President Lin, he would be willing.

Lin Meng didn’t know that Zhang Chenghu had an idear about sought the help of a famous screenwriter of the Republic of China drama. She comforted Zhang Chenghu with a few smiles.

Just after hanging up the phone, she couldn’t help but fall into contemplation.

It turned out that in her plan, Zhang Chenghu’s teleplay would be the company’s next project. Once it was delayed, the company had no large expenses that could be spent.

Lin Meng flipped through the script on the table, and she didn’t know what to do for a while.

“President Lin, there was a visitor who had not made an appointment before. He is a director. He came with a script and wanted to see you.”

Lin Meng was not busy, so she nodded and agreed to let the front desk staff arrange for the person to come.

She was not as busy as others, and if there was nothing on weekdays, she would not mind seeing the visiting director and screenwriter.

Of course, the works they brought … usually shocked.

This was not a boast, but a true expression of helplessness.

It combined many elements such as heroism, saving the world, love, family, fantasy, etc. to form an invincible story with a rich core.

And what about this story?

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