Chapter 34 Part 4

Explained in a way that everyone could understand … Ultraman, who landed on the earth, met with a great magician who came from a different world, and they had a romantic relationship.

The local deity, the little tree demon, was the Female No.2. She sow her love, but gain nothing. She became the villain protagonist anti-earth creature.

She was defeated after a battle, and she shed tears. At this time, Altman found out that the little tree demon was her half-sister.

Applause, this was really … a touching story.

Lin Meng didn’t dare to shoot this kind of film. If she really put her name on this kind of film … well, she did not want to think about this terrible thing.

The front desk staff brought in a director. The other party wore black-framed glasses. He looked very young. He was very thin, with dark skin, and not tall.

Maybe he stayed up late, and he seemed to have a bad spirit.

“Hello.” Lin Meng greeted the other party actively.

After this period of experience, Lin Meng felt that even if the other party produced a terrible script, she could be calm.

The director bowed and introduced himself: “Hello President Lin, my name is Pu Qiongcan.” He placed the documents in his hands on Lin Meng’s desk.

He didn’t even sit down. He was tense and said one by one: “I have made a film before, and the results … not great, but I won a film festival award. This is the new filmscript I prepared. But there are not many people who are optimistic about it. I haven’t been able to find investment, so I came to try my luck. “

The first was the director’s resume. Although Park Qiongcan was also from the film school, the college he graduated from was relatively poor among several film schools in domestic.

He spent three years after graduating and filmed a film called “Yak and Mother River”. So far, there has been no public screening, and only a few shows have been shown on an independent cinema in the domestic.

The box office … was also extremely bleak.

Similar to this kind of independent film, there was basically no possibility of counterattack at the box office.

Lin Meng had no impression of this film, so she continued to read the next content.

The file was very thick, and it included the investment calculated by the script and the director himself. Well, this investment was hard to say.

Lin Meng could not help but raise her eyebrows when she saw that the salary and dividends written to the director were 0, but after thinking about it, it can be understood that many independent films like this are actually lost money.

The script was actually not thick, and the name printed on it was called “The Boy And Girl On The West Mountain”.

Lin Meng just took a look at it and was actually attracted to it.

This script could only be evaluated with three words that were difficult to speak.

It told that there was such a poor mountainous area in the north-central domestic, called West Mountain.

“West Mountain people are born to be destined to be poor.” The boy and the girl who refused to lose, they struggled for half their lives, but they finally succumbed to fate. Like the old men they had seen before, they sat on the side of the road and said the same thing to the passing children.

The core of the story it told was cruel, “poor is a cycle”, this certainly did not mean class solidification-

It said that a place that had long lost its spirit could not help no matter how much relief it had.

Government officials have come, philanthropists have come, and the staff of the Office of Poverty Alleviation have come …

They tried their best to help, and finally stood on the top of the mountain, looked at the peaceful village below, and spit hard: “In your soil, you are planting your poor!”

This subject matter was too marginal and can easily lead to ambiguity.

Lin Meng had been involved in several foundation projects before and went to some mountainous areas. She could understand the story the director wanted to tell.

In some places, restricted by geography and customs, everyone did not have any spirit of even a little bit of advancement. Even more than that, they also extended their hands and desperately wanted to pull back the person who finally went out.

Every time the foundation invested a lot of money, building schools and even helping build roads. They just couldn’t want to come out as if they couldn’t see the outside world.

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