Chapter 34 Part 5

“Are you going to make a documentary?” Lin Meng couldn’t help asking.

“No, this is a film, I just want to tell a story.” Park Qiongcan looked up, even through his glasses, Lin Meng could see his eyes that seemed to contain firelight.

“I can keep the investment down as much as possible, but I really want to make this film. Just give me a little investment! Please.” He blushed, and he felt like a beggar.

In the last film, he didn’t receive any investment at all. He shot while working, and the actors were all friends around him. Of course, in the end, he lost money anyway. In the past few years, his pocket was empty.

Pu Qiongcan had already thought about it. When the film was finished, he would gave up his dream about the director.

If this film was not filmed, he would not be reconciled. But the investment in this film was much more than expected. He could not earn the total investment amount for a lifetime of work. Of course, he could not shoot this film.

This time, he was also brave enough to disturb Lin Meng.

“Are you from the West Mountain?” Lin Meng couldn’t help asking.

When talking about this, Pu Qiongcan was suddenly silent. He looked at Lin Meng’s always calm, non-discriminatory eyes, and suddenly gushed, as if all the words held in his heart poured out.

“President Lin, you are right. I am a Xishan native. People often say that art is carved in the bones and blood of human beings, and this film is carved in my bones and blood.”

Pu Qiongcan looked out of the window behind Lin Meng and the endless stream of tall buildings in the city: “My biggest wish is that after finishing this film, I can take the old-fashioned film projector that I saw when I was a kid and bring this film to the village where I grew up to show them why we are poor in my life. “

The expression on his face was very complicated, with disobedience, unwillingness, and fate.

“But I also know that this film can’t make money.” He sighed in loss, “It may not even win an award, because I don’t want to send it out to those film festivals abroad to participate in the award selection.”

Lin Meng looked at him with some surprise. Shouldn’t this type of literary film be run for awards?

“I’m poor, but I also have the guts. I shoot all the hardships I can see, but it doesn’t mean that I live a hard life. Many foreign film festivals, the most favorite awards, are to criticize the national society and reflect how bad the country is. “

Park Qiongcan shrugged: “I am a poor child who survived on state subsidies. I will not rely on blacking my country to make money. “

Lin Meng looked at Park Qiongcan for a while, then suddenly smiled: “I am very interested in your film. You can leave the material here. “

Lin Meng was certainly not willing to miss such a good film that was not profitable and had good quality.

And through this film, the shining soul of the director Pu Qiongcan that she could see, also made her willing to release her kindness.

Even the words “interested” were enough to surprise Pu Qiongcan. He bowed and was about to leave, and was suddenly stopped by Lin Meng.

“By the way, where did you learn about our company?” Lin Meng asked casually.

Pu Qiongcan had no take precautions and smiled brilliantly: “I met a judge teacher at the film festival before. There were not many people who came to see my film that day, so I summoned the courage to stop the teacher and the other party encouraged me. She said that this is a good work, but she couldn’t invest in it, and then recommended True Dream Entertainment to me. She told me that this is the company that respects the director and screenwriter most in the circle. “

Otherwise, with his personality, how dare he come to recommend?

“Which teacher?” Lin Meng just asked casually, but suddenly became interested.

“Ms. Lv Daoyan, I don’t know if President Lin knows or not. She has produced very little in recent years, but there have been several films with good reputation.”

“I know her. I will contact you later.”

Maybe Lin Meng thought too much. But how did she feel that Lv Daoyan recommended Pu Qiongcan to come to her, which was harbor evil designs?

But the director Lv Daoyan didn’t understand her too much.

Talents like director Pu Qiongcan, the more the better. If she could recommend more people, Lin Meng would like to thank her.

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