Chapter 34 Part 6

Lin Meng sent Pu Qiongcan’s information to the company’s chat group, allowing people to investigate his background. ——In recent years, many domestic companies have started this work.

Otherwise, when the film was finished, it turned out that the director was a man who divided the country, or had made irrational remarks on the Internet, or had committed crimes. That entire project will usher in doom.

When the actor had problems, they could also replace the actor’s head by retouching.

The director couldn’t do it, so they could only remake the whole film.

Lin Meng did not forget to find a name for herself–

“I think the company ’s profitability is very good now. I want to divide a part of the funds within the company to be a domestic director and screenwriter support fund. While doing commercial films, we ca n’t forget our original intention. Maybe the future, True dream can really become a dream place, it provides a lot of good directors, good screenwriters, good works for domestic. “

Sui Yan appeared in time to help Lin Meng add: “There are still good actors.”

The company’s employees were deeply moved.

When there was enough wages, who would not want to work in a company with a sense of social responsibility and national responsibility?

Lin Meng looked at the messages left by the employees of the company with satisfaction. There was no one who questioned her for spending money, very good.

Lin Meng was about to quit WeChat on the computer. She saw that Zhu Yushen had just sent her a message not long ago.

During this time, Zhu Yushen regarded her as a punch card machine every day, and reported to her in various ways, more diligently than before.

However, as soon as Lin Meng said that she wanted to come out to meet, he began to pretend to be dead. After a long time, he seemed to automatically ignore the chat record before and started to punch again.

This evasive look was shameful but very useful, leaving Lin Meng speechless.

She wondered, how could Zhu Yushen be childish like this?

But the message sent by Zhu Yushen today made Lin Meng stunned.

[Zhu Yushen: I talked to our parents today. They said they wanted to go back to China to spend the New Year with us this year. Are you … convenient? 】

Why was it inconvenient?

The parents in Zhu Yushen’s mouth were her parents.

It was just that her parents were going back to China. Why didn’t she know?

Lin Meng quickly checked her parents’ social media. Sure enough, yesterday, her mother posted a photo with her father in Country Mao(maybe Russia), and attached a text saying that they plan to return to China. If there were friends who asked them to come out to meet, they could contact them in advance.

She just had a video call with her parents last week. Since her mother had a serious illness and was cured six years ago, her parents have a new understanding of life.

These years, they have been enjoying life all over the world, and she has been contacted by video all the year round, rarely returning to China.

According to them, they live for their children for half of their lives. Now they were old, they could finally live for themselves and have a good look at the world.

Lin Meng was very supportive of her parents’ ideas. In the first two years, she used to fly on the plane during the Chinese New Year to celebrate the New Year with her parents. In the past few years, she has been busy with her career. She only made planes abroad to meet her parents when she was free.

Lin Meng found a dialog with her mother, and then remembered that she went to the awards ceremony of “Mountains Behind The Mountain” a few days ago, because there was no way to make a video call with her mother, she took a photo to her mother. She said she was busy recently. No wonder her mother didn’t contact her, instead she found Zhu Yushen.


They really met this time, but would she have to talk to Zhu Yushen when her parents return home for the Chinese New Year?

The cell phone rang. The ringtone was deliberately turned up.

Zhu Yushen was busy picking up the cell phone. The person who sent him the message this time was the one he expected.

Although there was only one word: Okay, his heart suddenly flicked up and down.

He really wanted to see her, but he was afraid that Lin Meng would say something he didn’t want to hear after they met.

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  1. Why is bankruptcy so hard… ;_; ;_; ;_;


  2. She keeps throwing money out, yet it’ll keep coming back in. I applaud her initiative to create a fund. If you have the financial means to do good, why not?

    ZYS, I feel your pain. Hang onto your woman. Maybe the parents can help.

    Thanks for the update! ♥️

  3. Thank you for the chapter. Haha doesn’t she want the film not to do well? Shouldn’t it be fine if it’s a work of art but no one sees it due to gossip? Well unless she means the person does bad things so she doesn’t want to support them. Also it’s a bit hypocritical to make a story about poverty which is social commentary and the director did get help with social subsidies isn’t the government doing his job? Foreign media can still review domestic films if they run up the box office but not volunteering for awards would not shed light on it. I still really like the book and characters even if she’s not really trying her best. Zhu Yu Shen hope u deserve her this round. Wonder if he ever time travels.

    1. Wou Wou Wou por qué siento que habrá progreso en la reunión? Esto llegó demasiado inesperado que no puedo mal pensar

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