Chapter 35 Part 1

After doing a background check on director Pu Qiongcan, Lin Meng let go of her heart, which was necessary work.

But looking at the real life of the other party on paper, Lin Meng couldn’t help but be a bit speechless.

This Director Pu, was indeed a person from the West Mountain.

When Domestic was doing a one-to-one support program, he received support for tuition and living expenses, and he left West Mountain the year he went to college to start a big city life. Which was not easy for a poor boy.

After graduation, Pu Qiongcan embarked on a long career as a part-time worker.

About the experience, she didn’t even have to do any professional research, just typed Director Pu’s name into the search box, and yes, it was that simple.

Pu Qiongcan has used job search software such as Digital Co-City to download his resume online with one click.

He has done everything from sorters at courier points, staff at photography studios, photography at advertising agencies … and other professions related or not related to the film and television profession. Even now, still available online, he was working in a photography studio, mainly taking graduation photos of local elementary school students and making graduation documentaries.

The person who sent this material accompanied Lin Meng to see the end, the words she held in her heart came out: “Why don’t the director opened a studio himself?”

Lin Meng looked at her, just shook her head.

It was not impossible for a person who had a million to make a million; but for a person who didn’t have ten thousand, it might be difficult to make a thousand.

Without principal, equipment, venue, publicity…nothing can be done, and it’s not easy enough for Pu Qiongcan to save up money to make a film.

Not to mention, he seems to have been paying off student loans and grants he received that year over the years.

Lin Meng didn’t let the staff inform, she personally called Pu Qiongcan: “Director Pu, our company has unanimously decided to invest in your film after researching, we now hope that you can refine the script again carefully, the specific contract and the way to cooperate, when you have time to come to the company to discuss in detail.”

Lin Meng had just finished speaking when she heard the phone ringing loudly.

She could hear a bunch of things crackling and falling to the ground, and Pu Qiongcan seemed to be apologizing to someone around him.

“President Lin, I……I’ll start changing the script recently, I’m very efficient!” Pu Qiongcan snapped out of his mouth while quickly remembering something else, “But I…I have some work on hand right now, I will finish the finishing work soon.”

Lin Meng heard clearly that someone on the phone was shouting for Pu Qiongcan to go take pictures.

“Here’s the thing, Director Pu, our company next intends to set up a dream-making program for young directors and screenwriters. Your film is the first step in setting sail for this program. And as a director and screenwriter, you’ll also receive financial support from the company, including and not limited to a salary in the lead-up to the completion phase of filming, a share of the film’s release or an award….”

Pu Qiongcan clutched the cell phone, his mind suddenly went blank, as if he had encountered too much luck in his long life.

He hesitated, “But my FILM…isn’t very profitable.”

As a director, he didn’t think he was making bad film, but he has to admit that he was making a good film that would not be accepted by the market.

This statement was simply self-packaging, he wanted to make a film that is not only not very profitable, but should be not profitable.

“It’s okay, our company is not short of money.” Lin Meng laughed, “Director Pu, you can go online for a serch, True Dream Entertainment is very profitable and supporting a few young directors will definitely not affect the company in any way.”

There was even … the more the better.

It was just domestic so many directors and screenwriters, if you really want to go one by one to screen out the talented ones, it’s a needle in a haystack.

If director Lv Daoyan had tried a little harder….

Lin Meng couldn’t help but look longingly in the eyes, and sure enough, the director Lv family were all good people.

The daughter gave her so many excuses to buy a hot search topic, and even paid liquidated damages – although in the end it was still a profit, but it was still more reason to spend money.

The mother gave her such a way to lose money.

This family was simply a blessing to her.

“Thank you. Thank you very much!”

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  1. I was cracking up at her warm thoughts about the money-costing family. XD XD XD


  2. Lin Meng is too generous with the Lv family although she’s right that they try to make her lose money.


  3. JAJAJAJJAJAJAJJAJA si los miembros de la familia Lv escucharan sus pensamientos no se sabe si morirían de ira

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