Chapter 35 Part 2

“Director Pu, this statement may be a little offensive. I watched the film you did earlier, ‘The Yak And The Mother River’, and I think your talent should be put to good use in the right place. I know you are working now.” The HR staff stood across from Lin Meng. These things cost money, she had to justify them.

“I hope you will resign as soon as possible so that you can devote yourself fully to the preparatory process of the film. Starting from this month, you will be paid at the rate of our ordinary director. I’ll have the HR staff contact you and you just give her the card number.”

“During the preparatory period, how could this ask for money! That’s what I’m supposed to do.” Pu Qiongcan had the self-awareness that he was not worthy, he was such a small director.

“A good film requires more than just a focus on the filming process, the prep is also important.” Lin Meng was telling the truth. With her in-depth understanding of the producer’s work, she more and more found that the really important work was often in places where she can’t see it.

Such as the simplest scene selection, styling, props … these did not seem to be no big deal, but they can often affect the details of a film.

“We’re investing not only in this film, but in you as the director. True Dream respects your talent, you should also respect your film and your talent.” Lin Meng’s voice was firm.

She didn’t see that the HR staff standing across from her was so full of little stars in her eyes that she almost immediately applauded.

“That’s good.” Lin Meng spoke to Pu Qiongcan again about the script changes.

“I…I get it!” Although Pu Qiongcan knew that Lin Meng couldn’t see him, the force with which he nodded his head almost knocked his head off, “President Lin, I will resign immediately. After that, I will concentrate on revising the script and report to the company!”

These words have summed up quite simply – True Dream Entertainment was not short of money, we could arrange any scenes and characters that we needed! As long as you dared to write and the script did not go awry, the company invested.

That’s a rich company.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Meng instructed the HR staff, “You need to set a standard for the treatment of young directors like this. Just follow … Director He Fangming’s usual base salary when he’s not working, and don’t lower it too much.”

“What’s more, Director Pu’s quality of life may be worse. Is there more office space available in our company now? Make arrangements with the financial side, find a few spare rooms and modify them to the standards of star hotels. The material must be used well and not have formaldehyde-like problems.”

HR staff took a small book and wrote down the notes carefully, one by one.

“When the time for Director Pu to come, you don’t let him to mention it, take the initiative and mention it so he can rest in the company. If anyone needs to work overtime in the future, they can stay here overnight. Of course, keep in mind that our company doesn’t allow work overtime without permission.”

“I got it!”

Lin Meng thought about it, “By the way, you should contact Director He and Director Zhu later to see if it’s convenient for them, so that they can arrange a time in the next two days to have a meeting with me at the company. That’s it.”

The HR staff confirmed that Lin Meng had no other orders, and went out with the book. The first thing she did as soon as she walked out the office door was pull out her cell phone and launch a message in a small chat group with no leader.

Although President Lin was nice, the leader was the leader. After all, such things as unleaded small chat groups were the happiness that employees only knew.

[HR staff dog: We at President Lin are too good. The water in West Lake is my tears, I just about cried! I can still worship President Lin for 10,000 years! She really is a particularly responsible person with a special respect for ideals!]

[HR staff dog: I feel like I’m really lucky to work at True Dream! I think everything I do makes sense.]

[HR staffdog: God, Buddha, and gods from all walks of life bless us True Dream Entertainment fortune! President Lin must not lose money! ]

Pu Qiongcan hung up the phone, still suppressing his excitement…and went to finish the photo shoot.

This was the job decided before, and he must abide by the agreement.

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