Chapter 35 Part 3

Then, when he was done, he dialed the number that existed in his address book and had never been contacted with excitement. His mood was very remembered at the moment.

“Hello.” A slightly older female voice rang over the phone.

“Director Lv! I am Pu Qiongcan, I wonder if you remember me?” He was excited and talkative and was trying to recap the scene from the last time the two met. After all, such a famous director as director Lv. She had met so many people that she probably didn’t remember him.

Lv Daoyan was originally careless, and suddenly sat up straight: “It’s you, I remember you, that’s …” Oops, she couldn’t remember the director’s work.

All she remembered was that this was a poor director who “had dreams” and was not at all down to earth.

She had seen so many poor directors like this that she wouldn’t have even saved the man’s phone number if it wasn’t for digging a hole for Lin Meng.

“That’s you! What’s wrong? Are you making progress on your film?” She fooled past.

Pu Qiongcan didn’t notice this, he was almost hand-waving through the call, “Director Lv, I really don’t know how to thank you for that!”

His voice was all a little hoarse: “You’re right, True Dream Entertainment is really the company that respects the director and screenwriter the most!” He nagged and talked like a wheel, and it took him half a day to explain things clearly.

Lv Daoyan understood, which summed up the minutes of ranting, but it was just one sentence.The President Lin of True Dream Entertainment decided to invest in this film…she couldn’t think of the film by name anyway.

Lv Daoyan smiled coldly in her heart, but the words he said seemed to carry a touch of happiness for Pu Qiongcan: “That’s really good, Director Pu, I’m happy for you too. I’m telling you, to someone as talented as you, it’s always going to be discovered. I hope your film shoot goes well and you get good results by then.”

Gee, could you get good grades?

“Director Lv, thank you so much, I…” The somewhat socially fearful Pu Qiongcan puffed up his courage. “I would like to treat you to a meal and thank you.” Although he didn’t have much deposits now, people would be grateful. If it wasn’t for director Lv, he would have to save money until he died to make his movie.

Of course, it was President Lin he was most thankful for!

“No, you can shoot film properly, that’s the biggest gift to me.” Lv Daoyan made a big deal out of it, and then hastily hung up the phone after casually fooling the stammering director for a few words.

She looked at the cell phone with a smirk on her face.

This time, Lv Daoyan was curious. President Lin, could her really be stupid? The so-called dream-maker that she portrayed on the Internet, was it true or not?

She was the one who had seen the film and ready script shot by Pu Qiongcan.

This director Pu…as a little director, he didn’t know how to be down-to-earth. The second film of the script was a big production.

LV Daoyan has made a number of small-budget art films, and she has a knack for estimating costs.

Pu Qiongcan had his own concept map in it, which he wanted. But the local scenes in the West Mountain, as anyone who knows anything about it knows, the more remote the countryside, the more money it often costs than in a movie town.

In the future, the filming would involve a surprising number of group performances, including the people who will appear on camera, the local people who may be involved, and a surprising number of group performances in the script – this group performance was not a normal group performance in the ordinary concept, it had to be the kind that can look like a “local”.

There were also live-action aerial shots. It was really a natural disaster …

Tsk, if they choose a more reliable actor, this kind of shooting, without 30 or 50 million, it can’t be solved.

Lv Daoyan would have thought that Lin Meng would not agree to the project. After all, the Pu Qiongcan director, not only did not care about the cost of writing the script, but also said that he did not want to send the film to foreign awards.

She was ready to go online and paint Lin Meng black, if the other party didn’t accept the project. As for whether the demeans would stand?

The press release went out and the conscience company’s image wavered, wasn’t that enough?

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