Chapter 35 Part 4

She wanted to show viewers who was always talking about the company of conscience, which was all about making money in a commercial film, and talking about conscience was all about fooling people.

But to her surprise, this silly President Lin actually accepted this project.

With domestic’s few art films’ independent theatres, and a handful of film festivals to boot, how could this film possibly pay for itself? It was basically equal to losing all the investment, okay?

When tens of millions investment losses, she couldn’t believe that Lin Meng wasn’t distressed.

Lv Daoyan laughed derisively. It was only a pity that the prepared online marketing accounts and the paid forum posters were no longer used, but the thought that Lin Meng would soon lose tens of millions of dollars, she could even eat an extra bowl of rice tonight.

Since the President Lin wanted to project such a “great image”, she had to do more to help build the building blocks. She has known many bad luck directors whose talents and hearts were higher than the sky.

If there were more and more excellent loss-making directors and scripts who came to the door… would this dream-making business continue to lose money and not stop?


The question of how to save money, everyone must have the answer, but the eight words of opening up the source and regulating the flow.

But how to lose money …

Lin Meng was lost in thought about the word “lose” written in the book sometime.

It was just a matter of regulating up the source and opening the flow.

“President Lin, Director Zhu and Director He are here.”

Lin Meng quickly closed the book and watched the two directors coming in together.

In fact, domestic directors were not as productive as imagined. The so-called seamless connection was actually not very common in the director industry.

Most directors were able to produce one work a year, and maintained the annual output, which has been counted as high production.

Some directors, even a film, could shoot for three or four years. The more famous the director, the lower the output.

During this time, the company has received many invitations for director He to direct teleplay.

The scripts sent were basically love dramas, or … large-scale water-filled love dramas.

This is also the usual practice of domestic now.

The love teleplay that could have been finished in 20 episodes, added a deputy CP, more than ten episodes. Then add a bit of misunderstanding, add a supporting role, and the forty episode of the romance teleplay came out.

He Fangming entered True Dream Entertainment, and he could not help but regain his reputation.

Seeing this kind of water injection script, he still couldn’t agree to shoot after thinking about it. During this time, he has been enriching himself.

Director Zhu Xufang also began to enter the rest stage after his previous high-intensity work. He was getting older and his physical strength was not as good as before. Lin Meng had originally thought about it. The next drama also gave Director Zhu a name. As an art director, he usually make a cup of tea and walk around for two rounds, then rest for a year and a half before going work.

Lin Meng got right to the point: “Director Zhu, Director He, I’m looking for you two to make arrangements for what to do afterwards.”

Witty as she was, it had already occurred to her that her biggest mistake before was to carry out only one project at a time. One project at a time, although there was the possibility of a total loss, but a loss of even more money was just one project. Once earned, the effort for that time was about equal to zero.

Of course, there were also reasons why early True Dream Entertainment was really not able to undertake several projects at the same time, but it was different today.

She had to make persistent efforts, learn lessons, change the original policies, and take a multi-pronged approach.

With more projects, the probability and progress of the loss will soon be faster?

“You should also know that the script of the Republic of China drama directed by Director Zhang Chenghu has recently been delayed. It is estimated that it will take a few months to complete. For the young director and screenwriter dreaming program recently started, the director’s work will be added to the plan. Director Pu Qiongcan is in charge. “

“So there is no work for you two now.”

Zhu Xufang took over the words: “I still have a few scripts on hand, but they are still semi-finished products.”

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