Chapter 35 Part 5

He would have been fine with a few more commercial films to compensate President Lin.

But after opening his eyes to see the world and coming into contact with so many young people, he found that the scripts he had pressed into his box were somewhat outdated.

Even some of the jokes used in it, such as the names of the dishes and the comedy stems that everyone knew in their day, how many young people know them now?

How could it be a good script when you’re telling cliched stories and putting stems in a script that doesn’t resonate with people?

The scripts sent to him were actually less than those sent to He Fangming. After all, people knew that he was expensive and had high demands for scripts, so they did not dare to send them to him.

But the problem was that those scripts, Zhu Xufang thought that they were full of mistakes.

He Fangming also said, “President Lin, the few scripts that were delivered to me recently, are really not very good.”

“That I know.” Lin Meng understood, “So I have a plan.”

She had a big, money-losing plan.

“I have thought about it for a long time, you two are good talents who have no place to look for, it is a bit of a loss to just leave it unused in the company.” Lin Meng looked at the two directors with extremely sincere eyes and filled with expectations.

“I mean, what projects do you guys have that you want to work on? Despite your mention, the company will help you build a team and arrange for you.” She did not forget to account for Zhu Xufang a sentence, “But Zhu director you are older, if there is a big project that you want to do, we will slow down the progress.”

Of course….she couldn’t trust these two directors too much, they both had a history of making big money.

“My only requirement is to hope that the company is developing rapidly in the past few years. Every time we take out the project, we can make people feel refreshed!” Lin Meng has long thought about it. “I hope that outsiders will treat us True Dream Entertainment’s impression must be different from other companies. “

“You see, there are so many films and teleplays out there now that once they become known, one series after another will go into production. It’s not a bad thing, but I think we can look a little farther ahead, not for profit, just to make history that belongs to True Dream.”

What did Lin Meng do for a living before?

Lin Shen company was currently the leader of the domestic game industry, she witnessed the company’s high rise.

The gaming industry had quite a few things that could be applied to the entertainment industry.

In the game industry, the most popular point was to imitate, and even imitate their own successful projects with the company.

when card games became popular, I launched card games; when placement hand games became popular, I launched similar products; when dress-up games became popular, it’s okay, it’s just changing clothes. I’ll change clothes too.

It was, at best, adding its own so-called original elements.

For example, your card was a card game, my card was a card tower defense; your placement was to enhance the combat power, and my placement took a warm route to an interactive scene; your Dress-up was to do task points, and my dress-up was purely added.

You said innovation? So to speak, true innovation has lost money eight times out of ten.

Among so many entrepreneurs, no one was a fool. Most of the so-called secrets that no one discovered were the parts of someone who failed after trying to innovate.

So innovation was a double-edged sword, especially true innovation, which was separate from routine innovation …

In Lin Meng’s words, she could lose money by doing this!

After listening to Lin Meng, the two directors thought about it.

“Actually President Lin …” He Fangming suddenly said, his face was embarrassed.

Wasn’t this opportunity coming?

Lin Meng looked over with encouragement: “Director He, you can talk about your thoughts, I have always believed in your ability.” The ability to lose money.

“Actually, I also thought that my ability in the film and television drama and director industry may not be so outstanding.” He Fangming had seen directors at the level of Zhu Xufang and Cheng Aiming. They seemed to him like a mountain to look up to, and there was a difference in human talent.

“This is not the case …” Lin Meng wanted to comfort two words. She never thought that only genius can survive in an industry.

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