Chapter 35 Part 6

“It’s okay, President Lin, you don’t have to comfort me.” The more he promoted himself, the more shallow he felt, and he couldn’t help recalling the teleplay he shot in those years. Was it really a bad environment, or was he unable to shoot well?

“I think my advantage is that I’m particularly good at capturing details, especially in terms of photographing love interactions, By the way it is now, I can get the screen sweet.” He Fangming analyzes himself very seriously, “So I Think, can I go on a love variety show? “

The thought, which popped up in his mind from time to time, only he never said it.

He Fangming has again dismissed the idea: “But it doesn’t quite fit with our company’s positioning.”

Lin Meng immediately disagreed with this statement.

“Director He, you can’t think like that. Everyone has a first time. If you don’t try it, how do you know you can’t? You know that the teleplay you shot was the first teleplay our company shot, the film director Zhu shot was also the first film the company pitched. And you, doing our company’s first variety project, why not?”

He Fangming was somewhat persuaded, but began to struggle again: “But … the variety show team is completely different from the film team. Doesn’t the company have a film to shoot next? There are not so many people.”

Unlike filming film, filming Variety did require an overwhelmingly large crew.

Just the radio on the show alone, the photography that followed the guests, the variety screenwriter that followed the group…He could count quite a few positions at random, and it was still the kind that didn’t overlap at all with the previous company’s existing personnel.

Lin Meng was silent.

Lin Meng marveled in her heart.

Director He suddenly made a big move.

Her favorite big move.

Lin Meng looked at Director He and was particularly surprised: “Director He, you suddenly gave me a good idea. Why should we limit ourselves to the film and television industry?

“Regardless of whether it is profitable or not, it is a good thing to try. If in the future some viewers will say that True Dream Entertainment not only has good music, good film, good teleplay, but also makes good variety shows, I think I will also feel honored. “

Lin Meng did not give He Fangming the opportunity to hesitate. In front of him, she sent a message to the HR staff and finance to let them pay attention to whether there were any variety production companies that can be acquired on the market. If there were no companies that could be acquired directly, they would hire a team with a high salary.

In this respect, they were very professional.

Whether it was an acquisition or a high-paying team, it could cost a lot of money, perfect.

“By the way, Director He, what kind of variety show do you want to make? I hope this variety show is not too cliché, and can not overlap with the love variety show on the market. ” Lin Meng didn’t pay much attention to variety show, but still heard about it. There were still a lot of hot variety shows in the market.

When He Fangming saw Lin Meng attaching great importance to it, he was a little nervous at the same time when he was moved. When people were nervous, it seemed that inspiration also poured out.

“I think … we can make a different love variety show.” He looked at Lin Meng’s encouragement eyes and tried to trace the thought he had just floated from his mind.

“First of all, the folks and star guests are now standard on the love variety show. Let’s change it. The observed participants of the love matchmaking activity are still folks, but the lineup of observed guests is composed of folks’ parents and a few stars. “

Lin Meng nodded and heard it … anyway, she felt that there was nothing innovative and not very attractive.

“We have an open love variety show … the kind that takes the cruel route.” He Fangming pondered, “When the love process is eliminated, guests who are not interested will leave the show. And their parents, although they are observation guests, they are also mobile.”

He explained in depth: “In simple terms, the guests who participated in the love show are themselves taking the normal love route. Their parents, with different ideas, look at people with blind date. This program will reflect the collision of the two generations’ spouse views, and also let the viewers take a look at what is the difference between the point that parents and children focus on the love object. “

He Fangming said more and more excited, he felt that he could shoot well. He could capture such subtle details keenly every time: “The viewers can also use this show to see whether parents will be move by children’s Love. “

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