Chapter 35 Part 7

He had a meaningful meaning: “After all, I often see comments on the Internet. Quite a lot of children and parents complain about each other because there are countless conflicts about spouse selection?”

Lin Meng heard this and understood.

What He Fangming wanted was a real variety show.

Parents and children appeared directly on the screen at the same time, allowing viewers to clearly see the conflict between them.

This conflict is very typical, conflicts that may occur around any viewers.

Would anyone really watch this variety show? Lin Meng was a little hesitant. Watching love show normally, wasn’t most people shipping CP?

By the way, would this be too cruel? Shouldn’t watching variety show be for ease?

But this was what she wanted, even if it was well-made, no one want to watch.

“Okay, Director He, when the plan is ready, we will shoot immediately after the team is built.” Lin Meng made a clean decision. “I only ask for two points, one is real and the other is protection.

There should never be a case of folks on our show being cyber-violated for comments made on the show. Of course, I also understand that it can’t be completely avoided, but we have to try to do it.”

He Fangming nodded, and he had begun to outline the show in his heart.

There were more and more ideas in his mind,

Zhu Xufang, who had been sitting next to him, listened for a long time and also had his own ideas.

“President Lin, as a transition, how about I make a documentary during this time? If the team is well assembled and I shoot slowly, I shouldn’t get too tired.” He was truly vain.

There were too few documentaries that made money.

Of course, there were also ways to make money. It was small input and small cost, and selected the right theme.

Such as the food documentaries that have been popular in recent years, the cost was not too high, but the final income was very good.

“Documentary?” Lin Meng pondered for a moment, “What theme?”

If Director Zhu said that he wanted to make a food documentary, she was afraid that she could only say sorry.

“I want to shoot some niche jobs, or niche professions.” The idea of ​​director Zhu Xufang was born and became more and more intense.

Screenwriters over the past few years have increasingly wanted to innovate, and he has watched quite a lot of workplace drama scripts. He could sometimes see more or less omissions in these scripts if he looked at them carefully.

When he went online to find materials and wanted to find a new way, he often found that most of the Q&A posts for niche majors didn’t even have a single answer, which even affected his choice of majors for his son back then.

“When I chose the major to my child, I found a problem.”

“what is the problem?”

“I found out that there are a lot of majors. Even when I searched the Internet, I couldn’t understand what these majors are talking about. But I learned more about them later, then found that these majors are not necessarily so bad.”

Director Zhu said this, and his emotions were also involved. He hesitated to the end at the time, and he enrolled his son in the business management major. -Of course, there were also reasons for the influence of the score.

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  1. I wonder what kind of niche job he will pull out?

    Geophysics is awesome!!

    President: great, no one will watch this documentary either! 3 billion dollar budget! Add more special effects! Buy that special effects company!


  2. Director Zhu U_U I feel that. Even the big kind of jobs are things you don’t understand

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