Chapter 35 Part 8

After his son went to college, he gradually learned from the side that the profession he had given up because of his half-knowledge was actually quite promising in domestic.

“For example, President Lin, do you know there is a major called Water Supply and Drainage Engineering? There is also a blasting major… Some provinces have special professions specifically for their provinces. For example, there are tea gardens in the province, there is a tea major; There are also colleges like Buddhism. Ordinary people don’t even understand what they are studying.”

Lin Meng thought that this subject was really interesting after she heard it. She was hesitant about not knowing the documentary market. Wiould it be a profitable project?

After all, if it was her, she wouldn’t seem to mind watching this documentary.

But it was fine, there were always solutions to the problem. Lin Meng thought about it and started patching: “I hope you shoot a little deeper. You choose some majors that can be used for comparison, which are unpopular but easy to employ, and the country needs students to join the profession; and which are unpopular and are being eliminated, it is not necessary to insist on.”

“It must be noted that the hot majors, we do not pay attention, we only focus on the real upset majors.” Lin Meng added, “After all, everyone already knows about those popular majors.”

Mass professionalism could never be considered. After all, there were many people studying popular majors, and people might be interested in taking a look.

As long as the unpopular majors were the best choice, China was so big, there were too many niche majors-of course, some majors were not necessarily unpopular, and even after the transfer, there were still many students, but in the eyes of outsiders, it can be said that this major has not been heard in this life.

“Another point is that the shooting should be comprehensive. You have everything from the teaching environment to the interviews with students and professors… including the companies after graduation, what work you do, and the turnover rate.” Lin Meng began to add content.

“All these must be shot, don’t care about the money. For example, if students are interviewed, we should pay the interview fee, and we can’t take others as volunteers. If we need to pay for the scene in the school, we also have to spend it, not to take advantage of the school. “

She added a lot of places where she could spend money, and asked Zhu Xufang to ask if there were any good documentary teams in the industry working together.

It was best to sign the other party directly in the company. If the other party was not willing, they could also ask if they could sign a long-term cooperation contract.

In a word, True Dream Entertainment, spend money.

After arranging the two people, Lin Meng nodded in satisfaction.

New money-losing projects have risen gradually. When Director Zhu’s and Director He’s projects began to set sail, her dream plan would also be implemented.

Multiple lines lost money, the more the lost.


Lin Meng glanced at the calendar and there was still some time before the New Year. Before that time, she still had a lot of work to do.

Such as doing field research with director Pu Qiongcan, confirming the location of the scene…

And when it was the Chinese New Year, she had to go home.

With someone who would only escape.

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  1. Actually Lin Meng, i want to watch that documentary too.
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