Chapter 36 Part 1

The New Year’s Eve night was the quietest time in the city.

It was only 8 or 9 o’clock, but the shops on both sides of the road had been closed in half, a few were open, and there were no customers. The usual lively scenes were completely gone at this moment.

Maybe only by seeing red lanterns hanging on the side of the road for decoration, and the couplet words affixed to the door of several shops, could reveal the atmosphere of the New Year.

In February, the weather hadn’t turned hot. In these few days, the temperature dropped rapidly, it was extremely cold.

Lin Meng came out in a coat and covered her hands in her pockets. She stayed in the warm room, but forgot that the outside was really cold.

She kept glancing around, and was completing a perhaps not difficult task of finding people.

She found him.

Lin Meng let out a sigh of relief, her eyes fell on the chair not far away, and the feeling in her heart could not tell whether it was angry or speechless.

There was no subway in her hometown. Public transportation was very popular. Basically, there were stops on every road, and the one less than ten meters away from her was the closest stop on the street to their home. She used to wait for the bus here when she was studying.

On the bench next to the bus stop sign, Zhu Yushen, the target she was looking for on this trip, was sitting there.

There was one bench that could accommodate five or six people, but now he was sitting alone. Zhu Yushen stared at the front in a daze, looking lonely.

He was like a child abandoned, sitting there without speaking.

Abandoned child? He was clearly an escaping adult.

Lin Meng put aside the nonsense that just appeared and walked straight over: “How long do you plan to stay here?”

Zhu Yushen, who had been in a daze, shook his mind, and suddenly looked up at Lin Meng, and immediately stood up obediently: “I…”

He seemed to be making excuses again. Lin Meng couldn’t help but yell at him: “Do you want to say that you ran down from the sixth floor specially, don’t wear a coat, and don’t bring a cell phone, just to talk about the important things with people in the company? “

She looked at him: “Give me an idea how much trouble you’ve learned?”

Lin Meng and Pu Qiongcan went to West Mountain to investigate. It wasn’t until yesterday that they were busy. She returned by plane this afternoon, exactly the same time as Zhu Yushen arrived at home.

Zhu Yushen seemed to be very tired. After arriving at home, he apologized to Mother Lin and Father Lin, then he went to rest in the room.

When Lin Meng came back, she only saw that her parents were lowering their voices to speak, and still not letting her speak loudly.

Lin Meng was obedient in front of his parents. Besides, she would not let her parents know about their marital problems until she reached a consensus with Zhu Yushen.

She accompanied her parents to prepare the dishes for New Year’s Eve dinner, and the feeling of relaxation and warmth at home made her only feel particularly comfortable.

“Meng Meng, you go and ask Shen to try out the taste.” Lin Mu glanced at the time, and the fried goods on hand were out of the pan.

The custom of their family for the Chinese New Year is that there must be a trial eating session before eating. The food was still steaming, without using chopsticks to grab it directly with her hands. The peace on your face could not be maintained, but she still wanted to swallow things.

It was a delicious taste that can always be recalled no matter how many years have passed.

Lin Meng was a little embarrassed in her heart. After mixing in the entertainment industry for so long, her acting skills were not improved by others.

“Go quickly, otherwise the dishes will be cold.”

“Okay.” Lin Meng nodded and went to the room.

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