Chapter 36 Part 2

That was originally her room, and when they were married, it became their room. It was just that they rarely returned to their hometowns. This room was sorted out by parents who came back this time.

The sky outside was already dark, Lin Meng pushed the door open, and had not turned on the light-

Um, maybe her eyesight was too good, how did she feel that she saw Zhu Yushen with his eyes open in bed?

But it should be wrong.

“Zhu Yushen.” She told at him, leaning against the door halfway, and saw that Zhu Yushen had sat up.

“I’m telling you…” Lin Meng was trying to explain to Zhu Yushen, don’t let her parents see the problem of their quarrel.

Before she finished talking, Zhu Yushen suddenly put on her shoes and responded dumbly: “The company has something to ask me. I will go out and deal with it. It’s nearby and I’ll be back soon.”

Then Zhu Yushen disappeared from her eyes at a breathtaking speed of Lin Meng. Before leaving, he did not forget to say a word to Father Lin and Mother Lin: “I go out to deal with something, and I will come back immediately. .”

The door was closed. Mother Lin poked her head out of the kitchen and couldn’t help frowning: “As a boss, how could he be so busy during the Chinese New Year. Shen had lost a lot of weight. He couldn’t take a good rest as a boss. There is nothing good about being a boss.”

Father Lin, who was cooking: “The company is developing! When we went abroad, don’t foreign children also play games made by Shen? It’s good for people to work hard while they are young. “

“You can always find a reason for him. But he should take a rest during the Chinese New Year? Otherwise, his body may be exhausted.” Mother Lin can’t bear this kind of desperate work done by the young people. “Look, Mengmeng was also influenced by him, and Mengmeng became a workaholic.”

“It’s good to be happy, she is also called President Lin now.”

The voice from the kitchen gradually became smaller.

Lin Meng was not angry, she was about to close the door, her brows suddenly frowned.

Zhu Yushen’s coat and suit jacket were hung on the Kitty cat hook that she attached to the cabinet when she was a child.

Zhu Yushen’s black cell phone was connected to the charger that was plugged into the bedside row.

So this person didn’t take a cell phone or wear a jacket. He went out to talk about business?

And, did he just pretend to be sleeping?

Although she knew that Zhu Yushen had committed the “escape disorder” again, Lin Meng couldn’t explain it, she stayed with her parents obediently.

But when it was time for dinner, Zhu Yushen didn’t come back, so her parents asked her to ask how long it would take Zhu Yushen to come back for New Year’s Eve dinner.

Lin Meng looked at the cell phone on the bedside, silent and silent, she had to go and arrest the escaping criminal herself.

Lin Meng walked ahead with a sullen face, Zhu Yushen fell behind, and the sound of the two walking gradually recombined.

Suddenly she felt that something was wrong, and when she turned her head, she looked down, it was amazing!

On Zhu Yushen’s feet, he was also wearing a pair of slippers, and the exposed skin was a little red and looked badly frozen.

And what he was wearing was only a white sweater. Although the material looked thick, it couldn’t hide all the exposed skin.

Zhu Yushen’s face, which was always very cold, was very embarrassed and severely frozen. His nose and eyes were especially red, like a poor puppy, shivering in the cold wind.

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  1. Thanks so much for your translations!! I feel like part 1 and 2 are mixed up together -would first half of part 1 go in the middle of part 2? I hope the ML just go for it and be straightforward though I don’t mind his character. I just want to see their relationship improve!!

  2. Obrigada pela tradução, gostaria que as atualizações fossem mais constantes mas entendo que isso é feito em seus horários vagos

  3. I’m actively rooting against Zhu Yushen he is spineless and inconsiderate. Lin Meng deserves way better.

  4. Awwwwwwww, my feels, he didn’t do any great wrongs in this timeline!


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