Chapter 36 Part 3

Lin Meng was very angry, she was helpless and wanted to laugh.

When she turned her head, Zhu Yushen didn’t go away this time, and he stood straight. She suspected that if she wanted to have a talk again, Zhu Yushen could run away.

“Can’t you feel the cold?”

He was like a reprimanded child with his head down, but he refused to accept the opinion.

“You are very good at running, right? You run so far from home without even taking your cell phone and coat?”

Zhu Yushen was silent for a long time, then suddenly replied dullly: “…I’m sorry.”

His apology made Lin Meng froze for a moment, turned around biting her lip and walked angrily in front of him: “Hurry up! If you get cold and get sick, go to the hospital in the winter and trouble my parents.”

“I will not.”

“Okay, if you say you won’t, you won’t.” Lin Meng had realized it anyway. Before, she left all the tenderness to Zhu Yushen.

Now… she could be gentle to the whole world, but not to Zhu Yushen alone.


Okay, I’m sorry! The green veins on her forehead were raised, she walked faster and faster subconsciously.

When she was about to go upstairs to the door, she gave a step and motioned to Zhu Yushen to go up first. She fell behind and suddenly said: “My parents will spend all the holiday with us, and we will talk about the rest later.”

“Okay!” Zhu Yushen answered quickly this time, and Lin Meng could hear his high spirits in his tone.

She suspected…no, it must be, she was afraid that after this Spring Festival, she would have difficulty catching Zhu Yushen to talk about it.

Lin Meng walked behind, not hurriedly or slowly.

Human beings were really complex creatures. If she saw a post on the Internet, or her friends encountered such things.

She would definitely provide lawyers for the other party.

But her situation was a bit complicated. For her, so far in her life, she has lived with Zhu Yushen for almost half of the time.

They have experienced too much together, including the death of Mother Chu, Mother Lin surgery, company entrepreneurship, the company’s first lawsuit…

There were too many, as if the Zhu Yushen’s name was stripped away, and a part of her life seemed to be empty.

This was why she actually knew that Zhu Yushen had to face divorce as long as she forced it, but she couldn’t do the same.

She needed a little time, and Zhu Yushen was not the only one with avoidance disorder.

“Why don’t you go in?” Lin Meng walked to the door of the house, only to find that Zhu Yushen was still standing there waiting for her. To know the level of ventilation of the stairs, it was cooler than outside.

“Waiting for you.”

Lin Meng fumbled for a while and motioned Zhu Yushen to open the door.

When he was about to enter, Lin Meng couldn’t help but ask: “How is your… secretary?”

“What secretary?” Zhu Yushen glanced back.

“The new Secretary Wen.”

“She was transferred, now…” Zhu Yushen thought for a while, “I can’t remember where she worked.” Lin Meng asked him rare questions, but he couldn’t answer them, making him very anxious.

“What do you mean by not remembering?” Lin Meng couldn’t help but ask, she sneered in her heart, always feeling that something unexpected was about to happen.

“I’m sorry.” Zhu Yushen apologized again. “She made a mistake in her work. I asked her to report to the HR staff and was demoted. Later, I did not continue to confirm what position she was working in. I will confirm with Secretary Wang, then I’ll tell you later.”

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  1. Please. Guys, both of you need to talk seriously. Face and lay out your doubts with each other. Anyhoo, thank you for this great chapter author. ❤️

  2. She seems to be just grab holding of any excuses to divorce him and not even trying to talk or figure out the problem and ah the ML so stupid. If he lives her then he owes it to her to explain things and talk.

  3. I feel sorry for the ML eventhough I know that he has his faults in theur marriage too. They may have been distant for a long time due to being busy and such but Lin Meng only became like this after her dream about the ML having an affair with his secretary. Anyway, I’m glad that they’re together right now and maybe they can talk about their marriage soon.

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