Chapter 36 Part 4

Lin Meng looked at Zhu Yushen, she felt a little confused… How did she feel that Zhu Yushen didn’t seem to be a lie?

But that female secretary, why was she transferred suddenly?

“Have Secretary Wang returned to his job?”

Zhu Yushen nodded: “He’s back.” He thought for a while, then apologized, “I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you.”

In fact, he didn’t forget… It’s just that he still remembers Wen Xiaofu’s unprofessional attitude and making unreasonable comments on Lin Meng.

He didn’t want Lin Meng to feel that anyone around him felt bad about her.

She was the best.

“You two were in a daze at the door when you went home?” Mother Lin really couldn’t understand, she came over and pulled them, “Quickly enter the house. The food is going to be cold. Less talk about work during the New Year.”

“Okay, let’s come in right away.” Lin Meng smiled in response to her mother, but she walked slowly into the house.

This seemed to be different from what she thought. She couldn’t help but start to recall the dream, but for some reason, the content of the dream suddenly became distant and a little fuzzy.

In fact, Mother Lin had no strength to pull a big man, but Zhu Yushen followed her strength, the expression on his face was extremely gentle.

Being forced to sit on the seat, sitting in such a position, facing the steaming and steaming sumptuous meal, what Zhu Yushen thought of in a trance was the past that he hadn’t remembered for a long time.

Before he met Lin Meng, all his New Years were enveloped in a depressed atmosphere.

The dishes on the table always seemed to be scarce and poor. The mother sitting opposite was full of grievances. She poked at the dishes with chopsticks, her voice becoming higher and sharper.

“It’s the Chinese New Year, and your dad can’t get the money back. What’s the use of a man who can’t even make money and staying at home every day?” The hatred in the eyebrows of the mothers is still very clear in memory. “If I married someone else back then, I don’t have to worry as much as I do now. As long as he is a man, he won’t make so little money a month, and he doesn’t even have enough household.”

At that time, his father always sat on the side, lowered his head in silence, holding the vegetables, and cringingly said, eat, eat, New Year.

However, he hadn’t heard this voice for several years. Later, the parents divorced, and every so-called New Year’s Eve dinner became a unilateral criticism of his mother against his father.

“Men are afraid of entering the wrong industry, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man. Your dad really hurt me all my life. I am a woman who treats myself as a cow, a tired old cow. He can’t even pay for your alimony, this is a man. “

When his mother was about to pass away, she grabbed his hand and repeatedly confessed: “Shen, Mengmeng is a good girl. She doesn’t care about your poverty. You have to work hard to make her live a good life, you know? “

The confusion in Zhu Yushen’s eyes layered.

Mom, our life was getting better. But Lin Meng wanted to leave me, what should I do?

“Shen, let’s have a glass of wine together. In the new year, the whole family will be reunited and auspicious!” Father Lin’s words dispelled Zhu Yushen’s gloom. He raised his glass and poured the wine directly into his stomach with a smile.

His stomach gradually warmed up with one cup after another.

“Mom, you are not in good health. You should drink less.”

“I know, I know, Mengmeng is really nagging. After spending the New Year with you today, we will be busy tomorrow. We are returning to China once so long now, and our friends are very enthusiastic.”

Father Lin and Mother Lin were talking about their next schedule. They had to go back to Lin’s hometown tomorrow to see her cousins; they went to the high school class reunion and the junior high school class reunion; they also invited friends to play in H City…

He just watched quietly, and felt that his wandering and helpless heart during this period of time suddenly had a stable station that could be docked.

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  1. He didn’t want Lin Meng to feel that anyone around him felt bad about her.
    She was the best.

    i care him!!!

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