Chapter 36 Part 5

Zhu Yushen wanted to apologize again.

He didn’t seem to be able to let go, even if someone told him to let go, Lin Meng would live better.

He really couldn’t do it.

At night, the two of course had to stay in the same room to rest. Zhu Yushen was so drunk, he insisted on watching the Spring Festival gala before going in to the room.

Lin Meng entered the room a little later, and she saw that Zhu Yushen had taken out the quilt and blanket in the compression bag from the cabinet and laid it on the ground. He was lying upright at the moment, and he had fallen asleep.

It was rare to go to bed so late and Lin Meng was also tired. After washing up, she got over the obstacles on the floor and went to bed.

But she didn’t notice that Zhu Yushen, who was lying on the ground, opened his eyes when her breathing became long. He looked in her direction for an unknown amount of time before he also fell asleep.

In another city, someone stayed up all night.

Wen Xiaofu was sitting on the bed, her hair was messy at the moment, and the expression on her face looked terrifying.

[System, query the probability of task failure. 】

[…Inquiry, the mission failure rate has reached 99%, the mission is about to fail. 】

She couldn’t help picking up the pillow and throwing it on the opposite wall. Seeing the pillow slipping, she seemed to feel that her life was also falling to the bottom.

Wen Xiaofu almost collapsed, what can she do to succeed?

The word “transferred” was flirtatious, and it seemed that she was still staying in the Lin Shen company, but the problem was that the company had strict rules and regulations.

The direct elevator to the president’s office had to be swiped up. After her card was taken away, she couldn’t go to the president’s office at all.

Even the parking lot, Zhu Yushen and the high-level vehicles of the group were parked on the B2 floor, while ordinary employees could only reach the B1 floor.

She even thought about blocking Zhu Yushen’s commute to and from get off work, but the problem was that she had been transferred before and there were traces on the file. If she made two more mistakes, she would be fired.

Zhu Yushen worked a lot and often flew around the world. If she left the company, she wouldn’t even know Zhu Yushen’s itinerary.

[System, Perform the function of entering the dream state again. 】

【……3,2,1……The function of entering the dream state has been activated. Implementation goal, Lin Meng. 】

After a while, a familiar voice finally appeared: [Executed. 】

Her hands were tightly gripped on the quilt, and the bitten lips were bleeding through.

[System, query the probability of task failure. 】

[…I am inquiring, the mission failure rate has reached 97%, and the mission is about to fail. 】

Damn, why did it only drop by 2%?

What should she do?

After a long time, Lin Meng had that dream again.

Zhu Yushen and Wen Xiaofu held hands in a dream and looked at her indifferently. The appearance was very clear. She could even see the emotions in the eyes of the other person at that time.

Pain, unwillingness, anger…All emotions rolled in her heart.

“Mengmeng, why are you still lying in bed?”

Lin Meng woke up. Her mother standing next to the bed. She subconsciously looked to the ground and breathed a sigh of relief. The quilt on the floor had been put away.

It was quite cold this season, but Lin Meng could perceive the clothes that were a little wet from sweating too much: “I will go out to eat right away.”

“By the way, Shen has already returned to the company. He was afraid of waking you up. “

Mother Lin sighed. She didn’t want to wake up them this morning, but Zhu Yushen got up very early.

Although he was anxious, he carefully explained the ins and outs of the matter to Father Lin and Mother Lin. They knew less about it, but they also knew that it was important.

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  1. So, she’s giving a false dream to our beloved MC?!?! I’m actually very sorry for Zhu Yushen then. ;_; ;_; ;_;


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